Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: October 19th 2021

Heyo Ice Warriors!

We’ve all been captured into the world of Harry Potter, remember to do the quiz to find out which Hogwarts House you belong to!  Now, a new week means new troop, recruiter and staff members of the week!

Troops of the Week: Steve1 & BumbleBee!

Both our Head Colonel, Steve1, and our Warrant Officer, BumbleBee, have been super active active this past week! Steve has an amazing goal of wanting to join our SIT Academy one day, we’re really proud of all the hard work and dedication you’re putting in, keep it up! BumbleBee is one our sweetest troops and is always brightening up our main chat, thank you for always being so bubbly and friendly! Congratulations to you both on troop of the week! 

Recruiter of the Week: Vy!

Vy has been one of our most consistent recruiters from the Ice Warriors’ Recruiting Regiment! Thank you for helping the Ice Family to grow, we appreciate all the time you take out to help invite new members! Vy is also an amazing artist, check out one of her pieces below!


It’s so cute! 😀

Staff Members of the Week: Swirl & Penguin!

You may know Swirl as the IW exposer, he’s never short of exposes, be wary guys! Now why has the IW exposer been selected for SMOTW? Well… Swirl was recently promoted to Staff to complete the rest of his SIT Training! For the past week he has been working incredibly hard welcoming over a hundred new members into the Ice Family and helping them to get started on Club Penguin! He’s also one of our most active staff members of main chat, you can find him there pretty much all the time! Swirl is also a self-proclaimed IW Ancient and quite rightfully so as apparently he’s older than Icey??? 


Swirl is now apparently Icey’s father? Why did Icey agree? :screams:

Our Lieutenant General, Penguin, is known to be one of the biggest trolls to have ever graced the land of Ice Warriors. As well as being one of the biggest trolls, she is an exceptional staff member excelling in all areas! She has a great work ethic and never ever gives up! Just within a couple of days, Penguin invited over 100 new members in to the Ice Family! Ah, and did I forget to say that Penguin is obsessed with saying ‘Ur Mom’? 


ur mom ~ Penguin

Make sure to congratulate Steve1, BumbleBee, Vy, Swirl & Penguin when you see them on main chat! Maybe next week you’ll be selected as the new TOTW, ROTW & SMOTW! As always, remember to…

Love Yourselves! ❤

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