Trivia Thursday #37

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the Trivia Thursday of Questions and Mysteries! We’re on the third-themed week and still going strong! With Halloween coming up soon, we in IW are already testing out our outfits! Get your thinking caps on because this is 37th edition of Trivia Thursday! But before we get into this week’s questions, let’s see last week’s winners and reveal the answers! Trivia Thursday #36 was created by the marvelous Snow! Let’s give a hand and congrats to Mogi and SuperEvilSlayer for answering all the questions correctly! I’d also like to give a shoutout to Cloudy for getting almost all the questions right! Now that we know the winners, let’s see what answers they gave!

1. 9th of October, 2021

2. True: Yes CrazyFlame is the only member of HCOM that’s AUSIA!

3. Too many to list here but examples could be: Angelo, Sebzy, BronyFan27 Waffle

4. B: Shinde

5. Bert

6. 10,000


Before we see this week’s Trivia Thursday, let me give a short introduction about our Trivia Thursday articles. This post will always include 5+ questions that are often related to general knowledge or even history about the Ice Warriors. These can be any type of question like Fill in the blanks, True or False, Multiple choice questions, and many more! If you think you know the answers, remember to comment them down below! There’s no harm in trying and if you get them right, you get some free Snowflakes! However, only the first three people to correctly answer all five trivia questions will win Snowflakes so comment your answers fast! You can then use the Snowflakes in our Discord Shop to buy cool roles like our exclusive  Nightmare on IW Street role that’s out now for this month! The winners will also be featured in next week’s Trivia Thursday post, so make sure to take part. Now let’s see this week’s questions!


1. Name two of the newest Staffs in Training?

2. Which contest took place before the emoji-making contest?

3) Name an IW troop that was promoted in the last Promo Party?

4. How many snowflakes does the new Icey’s Apprentice Role cost?

5. How many Trusted Staff members are there currently?

Bonus question: Who was the first person to be in IW? (Trick question)

Do you guys think you may know the answers? If so, then don’t be afraid to try and remember to drop your answers down in the comments section! Good luck to everyone that’ll participate and don’t forget to attend events! As always…

Don’t Freeze Up!


2 Responses

  1. 1) me and iceyfeet1234
    2) Project Conquest
    3) Me
    4) >1
    5) >1
    Bonus) Andrew24

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. Mogi4 and Timothy
    2. Igloo contest
    3. Sebzy
    4. 100k
    5. 12
    6. uhh most probably iceyfeet but idk

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