Fan Art Friday #44

Hello Ice Warriors,

To end the week on a good note, get ready for this week’s Fan Art Friday!! As always we have so many amazing artists in IW, it’s hard to choose just one! Keep reading to see what these artists have made, and also get into their minds about their artwork.

First of all, we have an awesome art piece by our staff member Al.



Purple: How long did it take you to do your art and what app are you using??

Al: It took me approximately an hour :] (it was super fun) and I used ibis x on mobile! It’s actually really good 😀

For the next art, we have an amazing design made by our Private First Class Mikeo.


Purple: For how long you’ve been drawing in ur life and what is the one thing you like about this artwork?

Mikeo: I have been drawing since I was 7 🙂 and the one thing I like about this is the fact that its a floppa.

The third artwork that will be featured was created by IW Veteran, Mae.

Purple: Your artworks are so amazing that I had to include them in every fart Art Friday that I do. How do you manage to have the inspiration to make these?

Mae:  Awe omg thank you! I was on a bus with friends going to the beach and we started singing Hamilton so I sketched Eliza. Then when I got back I decided to make it digital since the original is on a sketch page with other doodles

Last but not least we have a fantastic artwork made by our ex-staff, Teny aka Tent.


Purple: What was the inspiration for your amazing artwork?

Teny: ahh so, I thought “How would I draw a tent in a suit?” and then big bang bong I made that! and I’m kinda too proud of it sometimesé.

Alright Ice Wizard, that’s it for our Fan Art Friday, If you want your artwork to be featured in the next article make sure to post them in our #Fan-art channel. Don’t forget to attend our events. Happy weekend, and see you in the next one :3.

                                              Stronger together, Ice Family forever :iw_scribble_heart:

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