Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: November 6th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

It has definitely been a while since we’ve had a Warriors of the Week article. Lately, a lot has changed, but regardless, we’re still as strong of a community as we can be. I want to take a look back at the warriors who have contributed to the best of their capabilities throughout IW’s changes.

Troops of the Week: Glaceon, Just Komi, Poke

Staff Members of the Week: Chek, Snow, Jakob

Recruiter of the Week: Jakob

To start off, we have three Troops of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to Glaceon, Just Komi, and Poke. These three have been some of our warriors within the community! The past few weeks, they’ve been showing really solid activity with Glaceon being among the most active warriors recently, Just Komi attending a solid amount of events and Poke recently being part of the army and being active. Once again, congrats to the three of you :3

For our Staff Members of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to Chek, Snow, and Jakob! Chek and Snow have proven themselves to be powerhouses lately with Chek helping many troops understand the server and creating CPAB accounts and Snow being able to attend a majority of events throughout one of the recent weeks. As for Jakob, well, I’ll go explain that in a bit, but in the meantime, congratulate these three for the efforts they have been putting in.

Finally, our Recruiter of the Week, and Jakob has proven himself worthy of the title as well! Yes he does have both Staff Member and Recruiter of the Week now let’s get into why! A few weeks ago, Jakob had rejoined the staff team as a Staff in Training and the biggest contributor for that was his recruiting efforts. Over the past few weeks, Jakob has been able to recruit 60+ people to IW, and that’s definitely not getting overlooked. Biggest congrats to you for both titles you king!

That is going to wrap up this TOTW/SMOTW/ROTW post! Please give congratulations to these six in the main chat when you are able to! The Ice Warriors have definitely changed quite a bit, but regardless of what’s different, we’re still the same community at the end of the day, and it’s important we keep being the strongest we can be. Alright, I’ll stop talking, have a wonderful day…or night, guess it depends on when you read this. Don’t freeze up!

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