Trivia Thursday #40

Wow, take a look at that, Ice Warriors! Today is our 40th edition of Trivia Thursday. Time really does go by fast. Anyway, I heard that many of you are in need of some extra snowflakes, so today is an opportunity to earn some!

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I’ve been so caught up with reading all of these IWNC articles that I almost forgot to tell you all about last week’s winners! Unfortunately, nobody was able to correctly solve five questions. However, Isacake, SuperEvilSlayer, and Mogi all correctly answered the remaining trivia questions, so the three of them will be receiving extra snowflakes to spend in the #shop! For anybody wondering what the solutions to last week’s edition of Trivia Thursday were, you can find them listed below:

1. Answers may vary – 15 correct answers (Any Minecraft Moderator)

2. 2007

3. True

4. Swirl

5. Answers may vary – 37 correct answers (Any territory on the CPAN map that the Ice Warriors have invaded)

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I know you all have been waiting patiently, so let’s finally get to this week’s trivia questions! If you’re new to our weekly Trivia Thursday articles, then I’m happy to give you a brief summary of how they work. I will prompt you with multiple questions relating to the Ice Warriors. All solutions are able to be found on our Discord server or on our official website. To participate, all you need to do is type your answers in the comment section below. The first three people to correctly answer the questions will be rewarded with extra snowflakes added to their account, as well as a feature in the next issue of Trivia Thursday!

1. Name the two troops who earned Troop of The Week this week.

2. Who won the Uno game lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes that has been pinned in the #uno channel in our Discord server?

3. Fill in the blank: On November 6, 2021, ______ received their Staff role to continue their SiT training

4. Name a troop who was promoted to the Captain rank during the most recent Promo Party (Sunday, November 7)

5. What is the name of the charity that the Ice Warriors recently held an event for?

Do you think you can correctly answer these questions? If so, remember to submit your answers in the comment section near the bottom of this page. Only the first three people to answer the questions correctly will receive snowflakes, so be sure to send your solutions fast!

That’s going to wrap up our 40th edition of Trivia Thursday! The Ice Warriors News Center is more than happy to provide you with entertaining articles, so thank you all for continuing to support us! With that being said, don’t forget to react and attend our events regularly posted in #events-information! Attending events actually rewards you with more snowflakes than participating in Thursday Thursday does, not to mention those sweet weekly promotions!

4 Responses

  1. 1. @Mysterious @Todorella
    2. Dizzy
    3. ohmg, was it, was it, ME? (melonz)
    4. @Ember Moon
    5. Teamseas


  2. 1. mysterious and todoro
    2. dizzy
    3. melonz
    4. ember moon
    5. #TEAMSEAS 🤘


  3. 1st question mysterious and todorella
    2nd question dizzy jean cloudy josh one of these
    3rd question i think timothy?? or either @mark ellis?
    4th question i think it was me bc im captain now and i am ember moon so i think its me??
    5th question its easy it is teamseas


  4. 1. MysteriousStranger and Todorella
    2. Dizzy
    3. Melonz
    4. Ginny weasley
    5. #TeamSeas
    6. Who was the first to have #TeamSeas as his nickname in IW? Mogi4


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