Your thoughts on #TeamSeas!

Hey there Ice Warriors! 

Hope you all are having a lovely day! Have you heard of #Teamseas yet? Well, don’t worry, more info can be found here!! Make sure to check it out, and donate if you can! Its for a great cause! Anyway, we held a #Teamseas event the other day, were you able to make it? If not, don’t worry, we got you covered!

We had a bunch of people donate to #Teamseas during our event, so a big shoutout to DrQueenPenguinCrazyflame, and LawCorazon!! We love seeing our Ice Warriors helping clean the seas so we can swim on, instead of just waddling on! I got in touch with a couple of the donators to see what motivated them to donate! 

So, what motivated you to donate to #TeamSeas?

DrQueen: I think what motivated me was two reasons, 1. I used to be a marine science major before I switched to a medicine/research major. Marine Science still has a lot of heart to me and #2, I saw how hyped IW was and how much staff came out to support the cause, so it really made me want to donate to see how much our staff was passionate about it so I can contribute on their behalf

Penguin: Definitely the fact that I can save tons of marine life and create a better living environment for many others with just a few dollars. Knowing that my money is going to a good cause is very heartwarming.

Thank you to DrQueen donating!

Thank you to Crazyflame for donating!!

Next, I asked some of the event attendees what they thought of the event!

What did you think of our #TeamSeas event? Do you wanna see more events like this in the future?

Todoro: Honestly, I loved it! It showed that we care for the seas in our community on want to keep it safe for sea creatures! 🙂 Also, would like to see more events like this in the future.

Josh: In all honesty, I would totally be down to see more events like this, especially since the tactics I thought were super clever. Given it might be rare to have events dedicated to what’s going on in the real world, but they seem really fun to be a part of.

Trails: It seemed like a really great event and it’s really nice of those people who donated, to donate. 1 dollar makes a change so if u could donate, I would do that! Otherwise from that, I would like to see events like this, but probably not as regular, because those who can’t donate will probably feel a little bad inside. But it’s totally fine tho, attending events and being loyal is very much good 😊

And what’s even cooler, is that deeds such as the ones our leaders and staff did for the community never go unnoticed. Check out CPAHQ’s post about our event! Anyway, thank you so much for reading this post! Even small acts such as taking your time to read my post can help brighten my day, so remember, everything you do can brighten someone’s day, so just continue being you!!

Don’t Freeze Up!!

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