November Penguin Style 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! Are you prepared for the upcoming winter months in CPR? If you weren’t before. this catalog will make sure you will be nice and warm this winter when you shop for some warm coats, mittens, and hats! Keep reading to find all the hidden items!

On this page, you can find every color of the froggy hat! Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple! You can also find a Pink Purse, a Honey Bee Cardigan, a Blue Cardigan, a Delivery Outfit and Hat, as well as a Dark Beanie.

On the second page you can find; a Green Peacoat, a Burgandy Beanie, a Blue Toque, a Duck Floatie, a Forester Hat, The Surf Star hairstyle, The Spikester, and the Stand Out Outfit!

On the third page, you can find Brown Boots, Royal Eyelashes, a Candycane Scarf, The Curtain hairstyle, and a Crosshatch Hoodie.

On the final page you can find; a Blue Two-Toned Scarf, a Red Cape, an Ice Scarf, Wide Awake eyes, a White Hoodie, and The Getaway hairstyle!


That’s all for now! Make sure to wear your hat and mittens in this icy cold weather. Dont freeze up!!

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