Trivia Thursday #41

Good morning Ice Warriors! I can see the mailman walking towards us, and it appears that he’s holding a new article, fresh off the printer from the Ice Warriors News Center! Would you look at that- it’s a brand new edition of Trivia Thursday, along with a new opportunity for earning those sweet snowflakes!

Cartoon Snowflake Pictures | Free download on ClipArtMag

Before we get into this week’s trivia questions, let’s take a look at our winners from last week. These questions were challenging, so please congratulate Melonz and Mogi for correctly solving all five questions! The both of them will be rewarded with extra snowflakes. If you had trouble solving last week’s questions, the solutions are as followed:

1. Mysterious and Todorella

2. Dizzy

3. Melonz

4. Answers may vary – Ember Moon or Ginny Weasley

5. TeamSeas

Now it’s time for what you came for- this week’s trivia questions! If you don’t yet know how to participate in Trivia Thursday, it’s fairly simple. I will ask you questions related to the Ice Warriors. All solutions can be found in either our Discord server or on our website, so don’t overthink it! Once you believe you’ve solved all the questions, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your solutions in the comment section. The first three people to correctly answer all questions will receive snowflakes to spend on roles in the #shop, as well as a brief mention in next week’s article.

1. What is the first medal displayed on our website’s “Medals” page?

2. Fill in the blank: You will be rewarded with _____ snowflakes upon finding 7 leaves during the Fall Scavenger Hunt. (Format answer as a number)

3. Name one Leader or LiT holding the Icey’s Apprentice role.

4. What was the result of our recent practice battle with the Templars of CP on Saturday, November 13th? (Format answer as a Win/Loss ratio)

5. What is the color of the fish emoji on the Recruiter of the Week role?

Will you be able to answer these questions? I look forward to seeing your responses, and hopefully rewarding you with snowflakes! Remember, the only requirement to participate is to submit your answers in the comment section near the bottom of this page!

It looks like that’s all we have for this week’s edition of Trivia Thursday! Come back next week for our 42nd issue, I heard that it’s going to be interesting! Additionally, don’t forget to react to and attend our events regularly posted in the #events-information channel. They’re the best way to support us, not to mention you receive many rewards for coming to them!

4 Responses

  1. 1. Golden Mop Expert
    2. 300
    3. kally
    4. 3-0
    5. gold or yellow however you want to look at it

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. old war dog medal
    2. 300 snowflakes
    3. kally
    4. we won 3-0
    5. yellow


  3. 1. Golden Mop Expert
    2. 300
    3. Kristina
    4. 3-0 WOOOOO
    5. Gold/yellow


  4. 1. Golden Mop Expert

    2. 300

    3. kally

    4. WE WON 3-0

    5. yellow


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