Fan Art Friday #48

Howdy Ice Warriors!!

Have your creative minds been at work recently? Well, they certainly have been for AidanFrickleEternal, and Suation!! Now, for those of you who are new, every week, our hard-working IWNC Reporters look through our #fan-art channel and see what our aspiring artists have been up to! Let’s dive right into this week’s pile of masterpieces!

Our Head General Aidan has been with us for quite some time now! This week he has been working hard on a scary drawing for us! 


This is when he first started on the project, and after much hard work, he was finally able to achieve the final product!


Frickle, our Staff Member of the Week, worked hard on this lovely digital art for Chevrolet, one of our trusted staff members! The attention to detail is spot on! I really love the snake, looks just like Chevy! 


DrQueen gets bullied a lot, especially by Levelz… So Et3rnal_Vo1d decided to make this super fantastic drawing of a cat! Meow DrQueen catgirl uwu.


And finally, our amazing Staff in Training, Suation. Suation was stuck in a sticky situation when he didn’t know what to draw! So he decided to follow the cat trend and draw one of the best, most realistic digital cat drawings I have ever seen! I am truly impressed, and hope to see you as a great artist someday! 


Now, what’s one thing this all these artists have in common? Well, they attend our Club Penguin Rewritten events, are active in #main-chat, and post their artworks in the #fan-art channel! If you do those too, you can be featured in our next version of Fan Art Friday!! Until next time Ice Warriors, and remember, 

Don’t Freeze Up!!!


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