Event Recap: November 14th-November 20th

What’s going on Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another weekly event recap This week was a much quieter week, but we did learn some interesting news towards the end of the week.

A little birdy told us the infamous, Christmas Chaos is around the corner! This is the time to get our game faces on to start getting mentally ready for tournament season. Time to train, recruit and prepare. With some teamwork and dedication, we will make it far! Let’s jump into this week’s recap


Congrats to Mogi for earning his Staff role to continue his SIT training!

Congrats to SilverBoy on his promotion to Brigadier General!

Congrats to RamenBender on her promotion to Brigadier General!

Event Recap

Mining Coin Event

AUSIA – November 14th

Max: 26

Troop U-Lead

EU/US – November 14th

Max: 34


EU/US – November 16th

Max: 24

PB vs WV

AUSIA – November 17th

Max: 20

PB vs HF

EU/US – November 18th

Max: 19


US – November 20th

Max: 27

Disclaimer: there are 2 penguins behind the word bubble


Great job this week warriors! Let’s keep dominating! 

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