Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the Week: November 15th, 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! I hope you all had an amazing week. You are all amazing and we appreciate you so much. The following Ice Warriors have really stood out over the past week. Keep reading to find out who this week’s TOTW, SMOTW & ROTW are!:cutepiggy: 

Troops of the Week: Chezy & Stevie

Recruiters of the Week: Steve.1 & Woofy

Staff Members of the Week: Frickle & Melonz

Troops of the Week:

Chezy joined Ice Warriors a year ago. This past week Chezy has been working very hard attending many of our events. At our last promo party, he was double promoted to Head Major. Chezy is usually in our main chat helping others feel welcomed, and does an excellent job at hyping events! We are really proud of you Chezy keep up the amazing work!

Stevie Joined Ice Warriors recently. This past week he did his very best to attend many of our events. Stevie was also double promoted to Sergeant at our last promo party and interacted with others in the main chat. We really appreciate your dedication to Ice Warriors Stevie, can’t wait to see how far you go!

Recruiters of the Week:

Steve.1 and Woofy are two Recruiting Warriors that have really stood out this past week. They have been working very hard to recruit new members into the Ice Warriors Family. Thank you both so much for helping the Ice Warriors grow! We appreciate you both so much. I hope to see you both as SIT in the future, keep up the amazing work.

Staff Members of the Week:

Frickle has always been very dedicated to Ice Warriors. This past week they really stood out. Frickle attended most of our events and did an amazing job hyping for them. Frickle was also recently promoted to Co-Head of IWRR and has been doing their best to ensure the success of the Recruiting Regiment. They are also very active in the main chat and they give their all to make sure to help new troops. We are very proud of you Frickle! Thank you for everything that you do.:Frickle:

Melonz is really kind to others and can often be found in our main chat. This past week she has really been excelling in her staff duties. Melonz helped many new troops get set up on CPR, and always does her best to make sure others feel welcomed. She also does her best to attend our army events. We appreciate you so much Melonz!:melonz:

Make sure to congratulate these 6 hardworking warriors in the main chat! If you want to have a chance to be chosen as the next TOTW, SMOTW or ROTW make sure to keep attending events, interacting in main, and recruiting new members into the Ice Warriors family. We are so thankful for each and everyone one of you. Hard work never goes unnoticed.:CrisySalute::iw_scribble_heart:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


Ice Warriors Leader in Training

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