Trivia Thursday #43

Why Hello there, Ice Warriors

I don’t know about you all, but today I woke up with the pleasant scent of Hot Chocolate, and a snow-white view out the window, I guess it’s a great time to start the countdown until the Happiest Holiday, and probably the most anticipated date, Christmas!

As many of you already know, today is Thursday 16th, which means we are due for a Trivia Thursday! If any of you are confused, allow me to explain. Trivia Thursday is a weekly game that consists of 5 or more questions. If answered correctly, and you’re part of the first 3 players that answered correctly, you receive SNOWFLAKES, which is our Server’s Currency. But before we set foot in today’s questions, let’s give a round of applause to last week’s Winners… Congratulations to Cloudy, and Suation for answering all 5 questions correctly. Let us look at the answers…

1. Option D, 144

2. Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)

3. True

4. Dark Warriors (DW)

5. Official Reindeer of Subzero

Now that last week’s answers have been revealed, we shall continue with Trivia Thursday #43! For this week, the questions will be quite simple, and easy to find the answers to, this will help you guys get the hang of finding information throughout the Ice Warriors Server! We will have 5 different questions that you will have to do some browsing on the server, plus a bonus question! So If you miss one question, but answer the bonus right, you will be counted as a winner! Without further ado, let’s see what the questions are all about…

1. What was the first message sent in the Main Chat?

2. What was the score for the CCXI Semi-finals match against TPC?

3. What is the Christmas Festive Leader role name?

4. Name 3 current Staff in Training (Elves In Training)

5. Who is IW going up against for the CCXI Finals?

Bonus. True or False: Kally has a turtle named Speedy.

Can you answer these simple questions? I surely hope so.

That will wrap up Today’s Trivia! Make sure you leave your answers in the comment section below this post! Remember that only the first 3 people to answer correctly will receive SNOWFLAKES. But until then, make sure you keep a close eye on #events-information #announcements and definitely check out #christmas-chaos on the server. Keep on being awesome and chill, and stay out of trouble.

Until Next Time Warriors…

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo

3 Responses

  1. 1. oh no

    2. 1-0-2

    3. Santa’s Icey Reindeer

    4. Aiga Melonz Mogi

    5. RPF


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