Fan Art Friday #50

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

It’s getting cold outside and that means we must spend more time indoors. Many troops in the Ice Warriors have spent their time on fabulous pieces of art, and some have even been chosen to be featured in today’s edition of Fan Art Friday! I went around the mysterious corners of IW and found some of the most talented artists to interview for today’s article. Sit back and relax because you are about to witness some of the coolest art pieces that you’ve seen in a while!

The first illustration we have was made by our Private First ClassTraymunity! It’s a beautiful drawing inspired by a very interesting video game. 


Penguin: I loved the character, what was your inspiration behind this piece?

Traymunity: It’s another mod I’m working on, and it’s a self-import mod and it was inspired by Friday Night Funkin. I usually draw to music so this was fun. 

The next piece was created by our Trusted StaffCloudy! It’s a really nice handmade drawing and the colors go so well together. 


Penguin: What mediums did you use to create this piece?

Cloudy: I used pencil color for this one, faber castell and prismacolor (very recommended), I used a variety of colors to kinda represent each of the shoe.

Up next is a wonderful drawing illustrated by our Head MarshalIveliN! I can’t believe how detailed this piece is and the shading is amazing. 


Penguin: The drawing is so accurate, did you use any reference images?

IveliN: Yeah I did. It was fun to draw and although I am not very good the image I used to look off of helped me a lot.

Last but not least, we have a beautiful digital artwork made by our Corporal First ClassElifflix. The bleding and contouring are so nice and the colors really compliment each other nicely!


Penguin: What application did you use to create this?

Elifflix: I used Ibis Paint for Android.

Penguin: Do you have a lot of experience with the app?

Elifflix: Yes I’ve used it for a year. 

Alrighty, folks, that will wrap up this week’s Fan Art Friday! If you would like to be featured in next week’s edition, be sure to post your creations in the #fan-art channel. Don’t forget about our HUGE Christmas Chaos Finals against RPF! I certainly hope to see all of you guys there. Other than that, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and most importantly…

If thou not attend thy chaos event, DrQueen shall be thou to death with her hammer 🔨🙏


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