Sunday Funday #19

What’s up Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a splendid start to your week. We just got back from our Semi-finals match of Christmas Chaos XI vs the Templars, and we won like champions. Super proud of you guys. What a great start to the week, let’s keep it strong with the 19th edition Sunday Funday (a Christmas Chaos edition)!

In case you are new, here is how Sunday Funday works: every Sunday, a new post will be published in which you can play fun, and somewhat challenging, games to earn snowflakes❄️. The games may vary wildly, and this time around, we’ll have Christmas Chaos-themed games. :awe: 

Speaking of which, let’s get right into them, and good luck!

First up, we have a Christmas Chaos edition of Where’s Waldo, but IW! IW is filled with hiding professionals. They become even harder to find in tournament battles, but can you still find them? Try to find each requested IW member in each Christmas Chaos X picture, and don’t forget you can click the picture to see it better. Best of luck!

Can you spot IW Staff member Ramenbender6?
CPArmies User: Ramenbender6

Can you spot the most sus IW Advisor Law?
CPArmies User: Law3

Can you spot (ur mom) IW LiT Levelz?
CPArmies User: Levelz

Up next, we have a game where we unscramble the words. Below are three different phrases that primarily relate to the current theme of the Ice Warriors. How fast can you decipher each of the phrases?

Finally, we have a Christmas Choas-themed Spot the Difference! Try to spot the five oddities between the two event pictures from our battle vs RPF in the finals of CCX. They can be missing emotes, penguins, or color changes. Good luck!

Click to enlarge

Alright Ice Warriors, this will be the end of this week’s edition of Sunday Funday! If you complete the minigames, don’t forget to send a screenshot of your answers to josh⚡️#5667, .penguin#7613 or Purple ♡#4411. Don’t forget to attend our next events via #ausia-events-information or #events-information in preparation for Christmas Chaos XI Finals vs Rebel Penguin Federation (BIA FINALS). Stronger together, Ice Family Forever :IWinfiniteDab: :snowflakesglitter:

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