Better Igloos December 2021

Seasons Greetings Ice Warriors! CPR has brought us even more gifts to help us celebrate the Holidays. What surprises await? Let’s unwrap the Better Igloo and Igloo Upgrades catalogues to see what Penguin Santa has brought us!


On the first page, you can find; an Ice Coffee Table, a Holiday Tree Decoration, a Holiday Fireplace, a Holly Jolly Rug, an Icecube Wreath, a Santa Desk, a Leaning Tree, and a Festive Chair.

On the second page you can find; a Festive Light, a Holly Jolly Couch, a Bridge of Destiny, a Cream Soda Barrel, a Small Christmas Tree, Presents, and a Captain’s Wheel.

On the third page you can find; a Small Ice Christmas Tree, Blue Icicle Lights, Ice Holiday Lights, an Ice Wreath, Tinsel, an Ice Holiday Tree, and an Ice Candycane

On the fourth page you can find; a Green Bauble, a Long Green Bauble, a Red Bauble, a Blue Bauble, a Pink Holiday Tree, a Long Red Bauble, a Blue Spotty Bauble, a Candycane Bauble, a Green and Red Bauble, a Silver Bauble and a Silver Holiday Tree.

On the fifth page, you can find; an Ice Fishing Decal, a Painted Rocking Horse, Icing Decorations, and Ice Delivery Sleigh, an Ice Lantern, and a Moose Head.

On the sixth page you can find; A Ship In A Bottle, a Santa Chair, A Railroad Crossing Sign, a Red Bridge Railing, Puffle Patio Lanterns, and a Railroad Intersection.

On the seventh page you can find; a Ship Hill Corner, a Ship Hull Side, a Pirate Barrel, Ship Shrouds, a Bowsprit, a Pirate Diving Board, a Ship Wheel, a Ship Front Right and a Ship Front Left.

You can buy two new Holiday themed Igloos in the new Igloo Upgrades catalog!


Will you be decorating for the Holidays or will you stick to your regular Igloo? Maybe even build a snow-themed igloo! What do you think is in the Mystery Present in the catalog? Let me know in the comments.

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