Saying Goodbye to 2021: Top Ten Events

Hello Ice Warriors!

As we bid another farewell to a wonderful year, let’s take a look at some of our top events of 2021. We composed a recap of events that we think are the highlights of the year, so sit back and relax because you’re in for a ride!

10. Fall Ball

IW is filled with fun-loving troops, staff members, and pets, so the Fall Ball was held to award those who have fulfilled each achievement. Among those awards were the “Biggest Troll” and the “Funniest Troop.”

9. Summer Olympics

Every four years a special international event is held to honor the spectacular athletes of the world. In response to this, IW decided to host our very own Summer Olympics. Troops could team up with their friends and compete in minigames on NewCP. Scoring on the leaderboard for a minigame resulted in points, and we saw the Real Head Judges of IW claim first place.

8. Talent Shows

During the two talent shows that were held this year, we saw many Warriors show off their talents! From singing to writing to drawing, the display allowed troops and staff members alike to entertain the audience. We logged on to CPR to do some tactics and then proceeded to join a voice chat and watch the spectacular submissions.

7. Black Ice Alliance Anniversary

The Black Ice Alliance Anniversary was another notable event. We logged on with RPF to celebrate the first anniversary of BIA. A strong alliance during these times in CPA is crucial, and we’d like to thank RPF for a wonderful event!

6. Hall of Fame Event

In the summer of 2021, we held a large event to honor the achievements of our active and retired members of our staff team. We inducted new Hall of Fame members and even promoted Shinde to an IW Legend! It was an amazing event and a great way to show our staff members our appreciation and respect.

5. Retirement Events

In 2021 we said goodbye to four leaders as they stepped down from their position. OrangeFlamezErick, and Law retired and we had huge events to give them the send-off they deserve! Our Admin team does so much work behind the scenes, and these four individuals have achieved nothing less of success. 

Erick’s retirement event

4. Christmas Chaos Battles

Tournament season unleashes the true force of CP Armies. We see high maxes that we didn’t know were even possible, and some results of the battles are a true surprise. IW moved to the semifinals of CCXI with ease, but we had to battle TCP. It was an eventful battle resulting in another Ice Warrior victory. A BIA final was the perfect ending to the year and we gave it our all, even pushing the battle into an overtime room. Even though the result was not what we pictured in our head, it was surely a battle to remember. 

CCXI semifinals vs TCP

3. Legends Cup Semifinals

Do you want the true definition of chaos? Look no further. In the Legends Cup Semifinals we battled the Help Force. It was an action-packed faceoff between two major armies and it was going quite smoothly until there was a sudden drop of size in the third room. The CPR moderators had began to kick troops because of the server exceeding it’s limitation. Although we did not advance to the Finals, it was an event of a lifetime. 

2. Winning March Madness

Who doesn’t love to win? The Finals of March Madness against ACP was filled with chaos and excitement. It was an intense battle consisting of three rooms and an overtime room, however we held on and finished strong, adding another trophy to the collection!

1. 14th Anniversary

The top event of 2021 was a special and memorable one. We celebrated our 14th anniversary as an army, and we saw troops, staff members, and also veterans log on to join us.

Thank you all for another amazing year! This would not have been possible without our troops, staff team, and admin team! I certainly hope to see you at our next CPR events, and get some rest, celebrate with your friends, and until next time…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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  1. So much nostalgia reading this, love the post ❤

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  2. It’s been a cool year


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