Weekly Recap: December 26th (’21) – January 1st (’22)


On behalf of the whole Ice Warriors Leadership, we all wish you a happy New Year, and we hope all of your dreams come true in 2022! We had some really fun events for the last week of the year, let’s see how they went!:p_heartdot01:

Welcome new Staff in Training: Steve, Dark Angel, Da Best and Aidan!

Aiga and Melonz reached full Staff and received the rank of Brigadier General!

Congratulations to Sirgoncalo and Silver Boy, who were both promoted to Major General!

Another long-awaited promotion was DelightedGoyal in his new rank of Lieutenant General!

Infinite was promoted to Trusted Staff, now residing in the rank of Third in Command!

Our Talent Show took place this week! To check out the submissions, please refer to the ⭐┃starboard channel or the following IWNC post: click here!

Congrats to our Colour Clash winners: Julia, Diary, IceQueen, Levelz, and Sebzy!

Ice Warriors were awarded #1 Army of the Year of 2021!

[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Max: 39

[EU/US] Rainbow Train Takeover

Max: 31


[EU/US] Talent Show & WV Anniversary

Max: 36

Ladder Kally solo-covering the small Water Vikings

[AUSIA] Colour Clash

Max: 36


Max: 36

[AUSIA] Bye Bye 2021 PB w/ WV

Max: 37

[EU/US] Ignite the Night w/ FW

Max: 55

An amazing week! I hope you all enjoyed the events this week, and I hope to see you all roasting the leaders tomorrow! See you then!


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