Talent Show 2021

Why Hello there, Ice Warriors.

We, the IWNC Team, wish you a Merry, Happy Christmas, and a cheerful New Year full of new goals and celebrations. You guys are awesome, and you all deserve a happy holiday. As many of you know, the Talent Show will return This Tuesday 28th, and with it, plenty of awesome art, singing, instrumental performances etc… But today we are going to focus in the Artistic side of IW. This post will hold the art of those who are taking a part of this Talent Show. Buckle up, because this is some serious talents…

Lets begin with the first ArtWork by our amazing hanaeofflora#9081

Crochet Characters

The next master piece is an mazing minecraft build, by Suation#9631

Orange Cat made by Suation

Let’s continue the talent show spirit with an amazing artwork made by Hunter3#6493

Merry Christmas Ice Warriors

Omg?? We have a sims 4 build made by our lovely Leader, Kally 

 We are not done yet… we have so many artworks to show you all. Are you Ready?

Do you like Solving Rubik ? Our amazing Corrupt Shadow#4223 Solve a 3×3 Rubik.

For the next artwork, our amazing Staff austinh.#1214 made an amazing blue winter, acrylic painting


We have so many talented people here in, Ice Warriors. 

Now for the last piece we have our Third in Command Nathan, who made an amazing desk for our creator, IceyFeet1234


Iceyfeet’s desk

We have an amazing cooking made by funtime_foxyboii#8797

Next up, we have another baking this time it was made by Lucy#3282

We have an amazing Minecraft Build made by Deeps(spirit realm)#1769


Lastly, we have FTard who completed a Sewing project/clothes that they made called, Beckys Cloth Creations!



That’s it for our Artworks folks, Enjoy the rest of the Talent Show. Comment down below what was your favorite piece. See you all next year for maybe another Talent Show??

IWNC Heads
Purple, Snow and Chevy

IWNC Co-heads
Dany, Cloudy and TheNathanBoy 


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  2. I like the dress


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