Q&A: #IW2021

Good day/night to you all Ice Warriors! Hope you had a wonderful day today. This will be the last Q&A before 2022 :0, so to celebrate that, I asked some of you guys some questions. These include some of the activities we do on the server, as well as people’s favorite memories and thoughts about what 2022 will be like for IW! So let’s jump right in!

What’s your favorite activities/games you play in the server this year on IW?

Corrupt: My favourite activity within IW would be entering chat randomly, and saying either “o”, or “sus”. People tend to notice these, and question why I said that, or just “Nou” me. It’s quite fun, and kinda funny as well. And as a bonus, I gain more messages.

Steve: Fishing and race game in club penguin event.

Kapi: Minecraft was fun, CPR parties and the troop u-lead things were also fun and that’s all I’ve been in I was gonna join karaoke but I missed it, but I bet I would have liked it, pretty much everything you guys host is fun.

Ivelin: Christmas trees event maybe.

What are the memorable things you had in IW 2021?

Josh: I think the memorable things I had for IW this year was seeing all of the leadership inductions because those are always lovely to see. I think it’s amazing seeing how high of heights IW can reach because of the people of this generation. Can’t wait for next year for IW to continue being the best. :iwheart:

Et3rnal: There were so many memorable things in IW this year for me, but I really enjoyed the tournaments and just spending time with the people in this community. I remember playing on the IW Minecraft server with tons of people this year, which led to so many amazing memories. Some of my other favorite memories from this year were my promotion to SiT and my best friend Melonz’s birthday ofc, since I made something very special for her. Looking back, I’m so proud of how much the army has grown this year and I’m glad to be a part of the experience. ❤

Piya: There are soo manyyy memories I made with IW like playing games together , being stupid, making chains ,bullying , or spamming hug commands in bot channel or shipping people ,making new friends or simply just talk. It was all so fun. IW is such a great family I love it.

What are you excited about next year in IW?

IceQueen: I’m excited to see the Ice Family grow even more and see many of our current troops hopefully as staff! It’s super exciting always seeing their journeys especially as one of the heads of the SIT (Staff in Training) Academy 😁. Outside of that, IW will continue to dominate and maintain its place on the top 10 armies and with upcoming tournaments we will be going for the gold trophy, nothing less!:IWinfiniteDab:

IW being 1st twice this month

Luna: I’m excited to see what new types of events they’ll be! I always enjoy seeing new fun takeovers on club penguin rewritten with fun outfits and hilarious tactics. Not only that but I’m also excited to meet new people that join Ice Warriors. Stan the Ice Family! ❤

One of the fashion shows during spirit week made by Josh

That is all for this week’s Q&A. It is clear that many of us have had our favorite moments in IW, chatting with other troops, having fun together and we will continue to be stronger. Thank you for a great year and Happy New Year everyone!:pixelheart:


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  1. LOL why is my cursed penguin on here?
    Anyways great post 🙂


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