Troop and Staff Member of the Week: December 27th 2021

Hi Ice Warriors Family! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. This past week we had some very jolly elves working hard at Santa Icey’s workshop. These elves are this week’s TOTW & SMOTW. Keep reading to find out who they are!:SCCUTEchristmas:

Troops of the Week: Corrupt Shadow & Eqix

Staff Members of the Week: Frickle & qt Ben

Corrupt Shadow has been in Ice Warriors for almost a year now! This past week he attended most of our Club Penguin Rewritten events. He was also very active in the main chat! Corrupt Shadow is a Head General and is so close to SIT. Keep up the amazing work!:iwheart:

Eqix joined the Ice Warriors only a month ago and they are already a Lieutenant! They received a triple promotion to Lieutenant at this week’s promotion party for attending so many of our CPR Events! Keep it up Eqix you’ll be at SIT sooner than you know it!:IWDab:

Frickle aka Ice Warrior’s very own Fried Pickle has been working very hard completing all of their staff duties. They can often be found in the main chat, and are always very kind to others. They love welcoming people into Ice Warriors and they do an amazing job at getting new troops set up on CPR. Frickle can also be found working very hard to help run IWRR. We are very proud of you Frickle keep up the amazing work!:Frickle:

HOW IS THIS BER? HOW IS HE?:qtben: qt Ben has been in Ice Warriors for almost two years now. He has been working extremely hard to ensure the success of the Ice Warriors. He attended all of our 7 events last week. And has been excelling in all his staff duties. Thank you so much for your loyalty to the Ice Warriors qt Ben we appreciate you so much. We see you and everything that you do for IW!:IWsalute2:

A Gingerbread house made by qt Ben on the IW MC server!

A gingerbread house made by qt Ben on the IW MC server!

Make sure to congratulate Corrupt Shadow, Eqix, Frickle & qt Ben in the main chat! If you wish to be next week’s TOTW, SMOTW or ROTW make sure to attend our CPR events and to chat with others in the main chat. Hard work never goes noticed. Thank you all so much for reading and as always. Stronger Together, Ice Family Forever!:bluebutterfly~1: :CrisySalute: :iw_scribble_heart:


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