A jolly Ice Warriors Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Ice Warriors! Can you believe Christmas came by so fast this year? Christmas is a holiday many of our troops and staff look forward to! Whether it’s holiday baking, wrapping presents, decorating the Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies, or simply spending time with their loved ones, the community absolutely loves spending the two-day IW Christmas break doing the activities they love. I decided to check in with our IW staff to see what they did during their two-day break!

To kick things off, your very own Leader, DrQueen, Spent her entire Christmas eve baking and decorating cookies with her family!

(yes, those are IW snowflake cookies you might see!)

Our IW Staff, Luna , spent her holidays with her two german shepherds! Their names are Gunther (the white one) and Chace (the black and tan one)! They are super adorable!!!


Another one of our IW staff, Ramenbender, spent her Christmas doing a painting class with her mom while having a low-key Christmas of eating food, watching tv and playing board games!

Super Festive!


Our Trusted Troll .penguin decided to come out of the cold and visit the sunny beaches for the holidays!

Nice Beach

The lovely newly promoted, Melonz dressed up her pet in Christmas spirit to wrap things up! What a cutie pie!

Woof woof owo uwu

Lastly, our Leader in Training, Crisy, spent her two-day break with her dog Sparky who loves the snow!

Love the Snow!

Well, that’s all for now, folks! Seems like our IW team spent a lot of time hanging out with their loved ones this holiday break and enjoyed the time off! The Ice Warriors team hoped that everyone had a great holiday break, and we are looking forward to a great New Years’ eve/day!

Live life from one high to another 

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