Mountain Expedition CPR

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new cheat guide for the new CPR Mountain Expedition party. In this article, there will be a step-by-step guide of each puzzle room, where you can buy gear and get free items! Keep reading to see what’s in store for this party.

The first step is to head to the Ski Village. Head to the top of the room to begin your expedition!!

In the very first room, you can pick up a free Chilly Trek Hat and head to the supplies shop to buy various other hiking supplies! These aren’t required to complete the expedition.

The first puzzle room. You waddle into the very first puzzle room, the ice room. To continue on your hike, click each icicle so they move out of your way and you can pass through to the next level!

Once you pass through the ice room, continue up the mountain, or down if you wanna return to the start.

Once you climb up the mountain, this brings us to the final puzzle room.

Step 1: Click the axe on the right side of your screen

Step 2: When the axe is beside the log, click the axe again to cut the tree. This will cause the tree to fall on the ice beside it

Step 3: Once the log has landed on the ice, throw a snowball at the Icicles above the ridge. This will cause them to fall, launch the log and create a bridge!

Once you complete the puzzle, advance to the very final room. Once you reach the top, you receive a Mountaineer stamp! You can also pick up 3 free items which are shown below.

Click on the camera to receive a background. Collect your free flag and a new pin!

The pin located beside the fish stand

The background you receive after clicking the camera. But you must be sitting in front of the camera for this to work!

The free red flag!

The stamp you earn when reaching the top!


There’s also a secret room! Click the ice in the corner and cross over to head into this secret Viking room!

That’s all for this party right now! Let me know if I missed anything and comment your thoughts on this party!

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