Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week: May 10th 2021

Hello/Hola/Namaste/Bonjour Ice Warriors!

Another week, Another Monday! Welcome to our weekly edition of announcing our troop, recruiter, and staff member of the week! Wonder who they are? Drum roll, please……. :drum::drum::drum::drum:

Troops of the Week: Kim & MoonWalker!

This week’s troops of the week go to Kim and MoonWalker!! Starting with Kim, Kim for sure is one of our most active troops when it comes to attending CPR events, hyping our main chat, and just interacting in there as well! She is one of our amazing head generals and she’s been an awesome troop to us in ice warriors! Thank you Kim for being amazing and cannot wait to see you continue your adventure in IW!

Last but not least, we have our very own Moon Walker! Probably one of the most stylish penguins on the block! (Just look at his drippy outfit down below!) Our amazing Head Colonel has been showing Ice Warriors his commitment and his abilities! He is a part of our Recruiting Warriors program and has been working really hard! Aside from that, he attends many of our events and a troop who is very active in our main chat! Congrats MoonWalker again and continue being your awesome self!

Recruiter of the Week: Cooper!

Congrats to Cooper for obtaining the recruiter of the week! Cooper has been an amazing and dedicated troop to Ice Warriors! Ever since he joined the recruiting warrior program, he has been putting in the effort into recruiting and proving to us he can do more to help Ice Warriors! Cooper has also been an amazing troop in our main chat and attending our events. We love you Cooper and thank you for everything you do for Ice Warriors!! Cannot wait to see you grow!

Cooper learning all of Erick’s recruiting secrets!

Staff Members of the Week: Levelz & Et3neral! 

This week we have our favorite local neighborly Pikachu, Levelz as our staff member of the week! Levelz has been doing amazing ever since he joined IW and earning Staff in December. In fact, he was just recently promoted as Third in command! Levelz is for sure the powerhouse of IW when it comes to recruiting, welcoming, and running the Ice Warriors Recruiting Warriors program!! Levelz is also the giant meme of IW, but we love him for that :3 uwu, owo :Kaht:

Next up, we have the one and only Et3rnal_void!! If you didn’t know, Et3rnal has recently been promoted to Staff in training! After obtaining his SIT in just a week, he’s been a huge help in Ice Warriors and already proving himself he can be a great full staff in IW one day!! He is always recruiting and interacting in our main chat! You can always find them in our Minecraft server as well! Maybe he’s our future Minecraft king! Congrats again Et3rnal! You are doing super amazing and keep it up, hard work for sure doesn’t go unnoticed.

Wanna be next week Troop, recruiter, or staff member of the week? Just remember to help troops in our main chat, recruit for IW & attend our events! You are always more than welcome to DM me or a LIT/Leader and we can help you reach your goal!!

Until then… as always Don’t Freeze up!!

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