Practice Battle v.s. HF [EU]

Greetings Warriors!

Today we logged onto to practice battle skills with our allies Help Force who celebrated 5th May (Cinco De Mayo)! Thank you guys for attending! Hope you spent a good time with us! ✨Feliz Cinco De Mayo✨

== max penguins online: 43 ==

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Baseball Caps Takeover [AUSIA]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Ascent for a special event! This time you could pick from a variety of coloured baseball caps and show your style to the CPR community! Are you a fan of baseball? Let us know in the comment section!

== max penguins online: 30 ==

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Training [AUSIA]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Zipline on CPR for training. This time we practicing some formations and chanting tactics! Thank you for attending guys! AUSIA – as always – STRONG! 💪

== max penguins online: 35 ==

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Troops U-Lead [EU/US]

Hello 100% Legit Leaders!

Yesterday we logged onto CPR to practice some tactics and forms. This training was so special because you all could try yourself in leading the whole army! Amazing job guys! Your crazy tactics make all of us laugh 😂

== max penguins online: 38 ==

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Spring Showdown Tournament

Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto …  to participate in the Spring Showdown Tournament organized by Army of Club Penguin. During this specific event in each of the 3 rooms, we faced 3 different armies – Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings and Help Force. Great performance guys! Hope you enjoyed this type of battle and get to know more about Club Penguin Armies.

== max penguins online: 50 == 

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Battle Training [AUSIA]

Hi guys!

Today we logged onto Zipline to practice our battle skills before upcoming weekend events. As always our AUSIA troops showed their class and speed. Good job everyone! Thank you for leading with us! AUSIA STRONG!

== max penguins online: 48 ==

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Practice Battle v.s. PIC [EU]

Hi Warriors!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent for the Mystery Event that was prepared by Iceyfeet1234 – creator of IW. During these special minutes, you were able to train your battle skills v.s. PIC Army and show us your skills in PIZZATRON3000! Thank you for coming. You are the best!

== max penguins online: 51 ==

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Troops U-Lead [AUSIA]

Hi 100% Legit Leaders!

Today we logged onto Abominable. This time all of you had a chance to lead our army. Great job guys! You are the future of Ice Warriors. Also kisses for Red Ravagers 💋

== max penguins online: 52 ==

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