Q&A: 15 Years of IW

Salutations Ice Warriors!

I hope that all of you reading this are having an amazing week so far! As many of you are aware, the Ice Warriors recently concluded its Anniversary Week, which commemorated the existence of the army for the past 15 years since its creation in June 2007! There were plenty of fun events that were put together throughout the week, starting off with the Kickoff event and wrapping up with the Summer Hall of Fame Ceremony on Sunday, during which various leaders and members of HCOM were either inducted or ranked up in the HOF. For those that may not know, the Hall of Fame is a prestigious group consisting of the most reputable and experienced members of the IW community that put a lot of dedication and hard work into the army.

For this edition of Q&A, I’ve gone around asking members of the IW community about their thoughts on Anniversary Week and on the fact that IW just turned 15 last week! I also had the opportunity to ask the newest IW Champions (the first tier of the HOF) about their reactions to being inducted. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

What would you say was your favorite part (or event) of IW’s Anniversary Week and why?

Mogi: IMO the best part of the anniversary week was the prom night as there were a lot of awards and it was pretty fun. I also really liked the custom banner and icons made by Subster and JustAsh, they were really cool. And the whole week was just really fun and it’s unbelievable Ice Warriors has been a community for over 15 years.

HeadChicken: My favorite event of anniversary week was probably the HoF inductions! Lots of people got inducted and it was exciting to see friends & fellow HCOM getting something they worked hard for.

The Ice Warriors partying at the Nightclub during our Prom Night event last week!

How do you feel about being part of an army that is now over 15 years old?

Crazyflame: It’s an honor to be part of the 15 years history and some of us are not even born yet

Cloudy: I feel great, as someone that has been in the server for almost two years and reached trusted staff I get to see IW grow and with some up and downs. I’ve met awesome people along the way 🥰

Subster: I feel very old :Boomer: Ive been in the community for 9 years already, which is insane to me. Being in an army thats 15 years old is absolutely nuts… I never knew armies would survive this long. Ive seen a lot of things in my day such as the og cp dying which we all thought was the end of CPA but apparently not! We all continue to strive and IW is still always on top. IW is much stronger than we look, there’s nothing that can stop us. Im glad to have ended up in IW! I even got to make a lot of the graphics for our anniversary week!! Here’s to many more years of IW!!

Here is a picture of IW’s last event before the shutdown of Club Penguin back in March 2017. If someone had told me back then if IW would come back and would be around in 2022, I don’t think I would’ve believed them!

What was your reaction when you saw that you got inducted into the IW Hall of Fame?

Purple: I was kinda expecting but I’m really happy.

Josh: Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame was something I was not expecting at all due to previous experiences with how Hall of Fame events usually went. Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame as a 2ic was definitely not one of the things I predicted to happen. But oh my gosh, when I saw that announcement, in my mind, I just freaked out, like I actually made it. I was very excited to see it happen, and without a doubt, it’s definitely an honor to officially be part of it!

Clindsz: Well, unfortunately when the event was going on I was wage slaving (work), so I missed my formal induction….BUT my phone was blowing up with dms so I checked it- everyone was saying CONGRATS!!! me being very confused I went to main chat and saw what all the buzz was about. Was surprised at first, but it’s nice to be recognized for my work and time in IW !!! also shout out to Subster for the custom, super cute graphics :hello~6:

Qt Ben: To be honest, I was at a complete loss for words. It came as a huge surprise to me lol but I’m so glad it happened – This is my biggest accomplishment in IW and I can’t be happier :’). I promise to make IW the great army it deserves to be, and I can’t wait to see where IW goes. I’m grateful for being on the hof, and it was especially exciting being inducted when I least expected it :). I love IW and all the people in it, and I honestly can’t believe I’m now an IW champion, love u IW!!!!


It is clear that there are different thoughts on what the best part of Anniversary Week was. I believe that the Prom Night event on Saturday was a very fun way of celebrating IW’s 15th anniversary and lightening people up with exam season finally coming to an end! I also found that there was a generally positive opinion on IW turning 15, as well as people being pretty conscious of how old the army is (and how old they’re turning as a member of the community too). Lastly, the responses from our four new IW Champions show that it is indeed possible for anyone to join the Hall of Fame, regardless of what rank they may be. It could very well be you one day if you are willing to put the hard work into the army!

That wraps up this week’s edition of Q&A! We love to see IW continuing to strive and change throughout 15 years of its extensive history! I’d also like to give a huge congratulations to everyone that was inducted into the Summer Hall of Fame on Sunday. They deserve to be recognized for all the work and effort they put in during their time at IW. But what do you guys make of Anniversary Week and the fact that IW is still standing after 15 years? Let us know down in the comments section below or on #main-chat! Make sure to enjoy the rest of your week Ice Warriors!


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