Q&A: CPAB Beginnings

What’s up IW!

Oh boy have I prepared something spicy for you all today. So as you know, CPAB (Club Penguin Army Battleground) has recently been released. This was something we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Oldies from 2020 get to go on a nostalgia trip while those from 2021 get to experience what 2020 IW was like. But what do people truly think about CPAB? Well, let’s find out for this edition of Q&A.

With CPAB now out, what are your thoughts on it so far?

Hunter: Well armies are now back into the action with CPAB and yeah it’s a good game, especially the thing by which you can join the armies in CPAB itself is probably one of the main reasons on why I like this. There are many cool features in it by which i think people take interest in it and looking forward to see some more good updates in it. 

Aiga: It is really good. Far better than CPR was. (True true, I agree with that statement.)

Silver: I LOVE CPAB for the simple fact that I was no a part of IW during the CPA era on flash. I have been waiting for a taste as to what it was like then, and now I finally have it in the form of CPAB and I am absolutely loving it. With all of these new commands and not having to grind your butt off for coins to buy uniforms.


The First CPAB Event

As someone who has been around in the 2020 era, how glad are you to be able to use commands like !army IW and !ac?

Alu: Having commands like !army IW and !size IW just brings me back to the CPATG and CPArmies.net days, it’s such a relief to be able to use a cpps for armies once again instead of CPR. Not to mention we can start hosting more takeovers because of the !ai commands, I’m excited to see what we have planned for the future and how CPAB will evolve. 

Subster: I am SO glad 😭 Im also thrilled to have my original IW uniform back, ive missed it so much.

Jay: I am really grateful to be a part of an IW family, it is an honor c: (These commands are the best out of all that exist btw)

We love a classic uniform

There are opportunities for new types of events, what kind of events are you looking forward to seeing?

Mogi: Yeah, we unlocked a whole new world of events opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative we can get in our events, and what we can and will do in CPAB. We can dress up as old armies, we can host way more interesting fashion shows, etc. as we can now get any item we want from Club Penguin in a single command!

Melonz: Events where we play games in CPAB :3


Tokyo Drift

Lastly, an exclusive interview with our newest inducted IW Leader, Freedomist

You’re going to be leading a new era for IW, how do you feel with leading in CPAB given you’ve had leading experience in 2020?

Freedomist: I’m rather confident as not only do I have individual leading experience, I have a lot of experience leading with Kally, IceQueen and DrQueen. Together we led the Water Ninjas to a golden age in the CPPS era and formed a strong team throughout that time period. The four of us have also led three tournaments together where we placed no lower than second and won one of them to get the illustrious threepeat. Not only am I confident in my fellow leaders I’m also confident in our leaders in training as I have worked with both Levelz and qt Ben for a while and I know them being alongside us will only strengthen our chance of success in this new era. We also have one of the strongest high commands, staff team and set of troops so I am confident in IW’s future success in CPAB.

Then and Now

Well that will do it for this Q&A, the Ice Warriors are just getting started in this brand new era with its nostalgic factors. So from what we’ve seen, Club Penguin Army Battleground is bound to keep interest for us Ice Warriors. I personally am excited to see how we fare as an army here given the few events we’ve hosted so far plus with Freedomist as our newest inducted leader. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the next event…


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