Trivia Thursday #58

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday. I know we haven’t had a Trivia Thursday in a while but today I’m bringing it back!! I hope you all had a great week so far. Now let’s move on to the questions.

If you don’t know how does this work here’s a little explanation for you:

How this works is I will be giving you a set of questions below (specifically 5). The first 3 people to get all the answers right will win SNOWFLAKES that you can use to buy roles! The winners for this Trivia Thursday and the answers to the questions below will be featured next week. Now let’s see this week’s trivia questions:

1. Who was recently promoted to IW Leader?
2. How many snowflakes do you get for attending an event?
3. Who has the custom role: “Kally’s Fridge”?
4. What’s Subster our second in command most known for in Ice Warriors?
5. How many Leaders in training do we have at the moment and who are they?

Make sure you comment below the answers to these 5 questions once you think you have found them out for a chance to have snowflakes given to you and to be featured on next week’s Trivia Thursday! Lastly, make sure to check out #Ausia-Event-Information for the next event on CPAB. Until then…. Don’t freeze up :purpleheart2: :9h_fire: 

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  1. 1. Freedomist 🚽
    2. 600
    3. Chevy
    4. Her graphic designs :3
    5. 2, qt ben and levelz

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