Ice Warriors Lols Week 1

Howdy Iw, click read more to view this week’s Lols!

It’s been one week since the series-opening post and I have gotten lots of submissions. Since this is only week 1 there is no winner yet. Here are the 5 pictures to vote on for this week. If you submitted a picture and it didn’t get picked it might still be in another week’s poll if I am low on submissions. To submit for next week either contact me on xat (iBears 161923392) or post the link in the comments. 


iw lols


iw lols1


iw lols2


iw lols3


iw lols4


9 Responses

  1. Bears, next time add a read more, and make sure you let people know that this may or may not have explicit content.


  2. you think sean was funny? he was standing up for me. BUT I DO THINK THE 1ST PIC IS SO FUNNY! ALB’S SO FUNNY!! HAHAH… HAH… hhahha… hah.. 😦 i miss him.


  3. True Alb IS a monkey XD


  4. The first 3 submisions came from me. Don’t worry children heres loTs more from where They came from.

    PS: Alicia’s mother one is leading AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok.



  5. “Horny hour is back?”


    I find that funny XD


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