You’re an Ice Warrior, Aren’t You?

I want EVERYONE to read this post.

Being an Ice Warrior, isn’t just like being in another CP army. Other armies tend to not offer characteristics that troops in IW will need in the real world. This might sound corny but it’s true. Other armies tend to just USE their troops to grow and be big. Some people like that, but IW is different. We’re a different breed of army. Aren’t we?

Don’t you want to be the best? Sure, everyone does. How can you be the best? Teamwork, dedication, leadership, respect, and loyalty. These are the most important characteristics perhaps Ice Warriors need to thrive. And as of late, I’ve noticed all of these traits have disappeared. No, this isn’t a guilt trip. But as of late, our sizes are our consequences. It’s a proven fact. Let’s go back in time to the Legends Cup…


Oh boy, the legends cup, this was the first one I believe, but it sure was a blast. 50+ perfect tactics, and we ended up winning the tournament! We had leadership from Icey and Albert, we had loyalty, respect, dedication from our troops, and that resulted in us being able to work together, and WIN! Now size isn’t our only problem in IW. It’s our attitude. I hate it when I see troops, AND OWNERS, losing hope in their army. You don’t do that, you get back on you’re feet and push for the #1 spot again. That was a TRUE Ice Warrior would do. How do you get #1 spot? How do you change you’re attitude? DEDICATION, LOYALTY, AND RESPECT. I can’t stress it enough. Why do I see mods, disrespecting owners, and even other mods. Why do I see abuse? Why do I see troops, who lie, and say they were there, but weren’t, and they were only caring for themselves, and their RANK. You know what the best way to get you’re rank up? DEDICATION!!! I’m not saying you should not quit all other armies, but make IW you’re #1 army. If the 2 armies have events at the same time. COME TO IW! Dedication doesn’t pay off in the short term, as it took me 6 months to get mod. But I stuck it out, I had the dedication, the loyalty, and respect to make it through. And now look where I am. I’m well known in IW and will be remembered. Our troops today, our mods, and some of our owners, aren’t Ice Warriors. They lack these traits. The only way we can change is if we all change. If you’re a member, be a show some dedication, say to yourself, “This is the best army in CP, if I work hard enough, I’ll be remembered here, by all of these people.” If you’re a mod, show some leadership. Show owners you want that 4ic, you WANT to lead IW. YOU WANT TO BE HERE, AND YOU’RE PROUD TO BE HERE. If we do this, I smell another golden age of IW. Let’s start working together troops. Let’s remember these 5 key ways, to be a TRUE ICE WARRIOR:

  1. BE CO-OPERATIVE – Make friends, connections, work with fellow warriors and listen to others!

  2. BE DEDICATED – Make IW your personal army, you came to fight with the best for a reason!

  3. BE A LEADER – Make choices on your own. Put yourself out there. Lead an event! If an owner tells you now is not the time, do it sometime else, just make sure you know you want to be the next leader of IW

  4. BE LOYAL – Don’t lie, don’t just care about yourself, care about the army as well. It will help you, anywhere and everywhere. 

  5. BE RESPECTFUL – The golden rule. Don’t backtalk, just listen to others opinions, people who listen are more commonly smarter than those who don’t quit talking. That’s a fact.

Now ask yourself, are you all of these? Are you, a TRUE ICE WARRIOR? ARE YOU THE NEXT LEADER OF IW? ARE YOU?

8 Responses

  1. Great post!


  2. Best post and i will be an iw forever


  3. Great post Jojo. you made a really good point and I hope everyone reads this and thinks about it.


  4. This post has a point. I hope bunches of IW, new and old will someday read this friggin post. Nice job.



  5. good post


  6. Nice post. You sound like you’re making a speech behind the American flag like Spongebob XD


  7. joe pretty much has a point here, if ya care for other people, they might just be your friends, take for example: me and Albert. before i met him, I just didn’t give a fly bout him, til icey’s disappearance, we just bonded and gotten close, to this day, how we became friends is unexplained. I’m just happy to have someone who cares for me.


  8. great post its the same point IW now is trying to make


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