Iceyfeet Edit: Thanks for making this post Tes, you reminded me that we need to update our non-member uniform. I’ll get on that sometime this week.

Hey IW,

I decided to quickly write a post on what our uniform is for any new recruits to IW or people who just don’t know what the uniform is. I will tell you both the member and the non-member uniform.

First, the member uniform:

Color: Light Blue

Head: Blue Baseball Cap, Blue Viking Helmet, Any Hair

Face: Blue Face Paint, Blue Sunglasses, etc.

Neck: Blue Cape, or another blue item

Body: Blue Hockey Jersey, Blue Cheer leading outfit.

Hand: Blue Electric Bass, Blue Guitar, Blue Pom-Poms, etc.

Feet: Blue Sneakers, etc.


Now for the non-member uniform:

Color: Light Blue

Head: Blue Propeller Cap, etc.

Face: Blue Face Paint, etc.

Neck: Blue Mailbag, etc.

Body: Ice Cream Apron, Free Code: DSKYRIDE

Hand: Blue Book, etc.

Feet: Brown Pirate Boots, etc.


Well that is pretty much it. If you don’t have any of these items just wear something blue.


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  1. Check out the “Uniform” page for more info on the IW uniforms


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