Note to CW and NW.

Gord’s Opinion(XD)

Note: This is a message to CW and NW, not a threat or a declaration of war.

To CW: The first time I ever heard of you was when you “claimed” mammoth from ACP. I lol’d at that, and it was the reason I silently congratulated you when you got into the top 10. Then it all went downhill. You invaded TG and RPF for practically no reason other than this comment:

You guys are stupid you are Number 6 army not number 2 or w/e the freak you said in your post CW is number 7 so it isnt being cocky it is taking down stupid n00bs like you.

To me, this kind of behaviour is called “being a jerk“.

Nobody asked you to become the cocky police. You are fairly new to the top 10. Nobody told you to take down stupid noobs, or you’d have to take yourselves down. So mind your own business, or you’ll become a pretty hated army.

To NW: You used to be a pretty small army too. Look how far you have come. You were a pretty cool army. But 2 days into the TG/GT merge you took out a string of posts that changed everything.

Hello NW, this isn’t directed to you, but good ‘ole team gay.

First off, back down. You think because you merged with an army of 8 people you’re a world power now?

You guys make me laugh. Yes, good for you that GT merged into you. Good for you that you get big chat numbers. But really, who outside TG really cares?

I personally will not stand for your cockiness. We at NW are known for publicly embarrassing you every time you seem to “rise”. Don’t make us do it again. Run your mouth all you want (like you always do), but while you talk the talk, we’ll walk the walk.

And if you really think you have what it takes to challenge us,

Bring it.


You embarass TG whenever they rise? Are you thinking they might actually steal your spot? I doubt it. You probably have about 5 club penguin member bots recruiting right now, correct me if I’m wrong. They never targeted anything at you. They are doing what all armies do best in a significant occasion: Trash Talk. They weren’t challenging you to a flame war. There is a lot more to worry about right now than how cocky an army is.

Bye,   Gord17

42 Responses

    • Nice Post Gord.Though I’m probably noobish still………………………..


      • You really are.


      • OMG your abusing your powers by deleting my NON-FLAME COMMENTS.It takes alot of time to type comments and last time I checked the province of Ontario collected 2.7 million dollars from its energy revnue and would you ilke that to go to waste gord???


      • You just dont ilke it when people correct you and im fine with that.


  1. Bring it.


  2. 3rd


  3. I personally think TG deserve it since they want to start war with every army out there now.


  4. I laugh at your mom. I believe it was Tomb that started the sequence of events that led to the flaming with idle threats. Were we going to let this go?

    Bots? Don’t bring bots into this conversation when I was caught red-handed trying to bring the infamous bot program, known as Penguin Storm, back into usage, and I think you know about that. And what bots? They don’t exist anymore. All trainers don’t work because of the CP update. But I LOVE how you mentioned it into your post. I’m guessing you had everything that was actually concrete and would stick. Try not to rape me if they aren’t.
    Go ahead and kill me if my worthless argument makes you feel cool or if the lies disclosed mess up IW reputation in any way. Of course you won’t.


  5. Gord could you try not to screw up our relations with other armies.


  6. Lol at “being a jerk”.


  7. This is a great post. But this is what makes armies like THIS in the post want to go to war. You rock Gord


  8. i think TG deserves more. not because they are in the top 10 or anything, but because of how they got there. one of their leaders, Riotors, founded a couple of armies(including TG). He gets his armies to rise by bullying smaller armies into merging into him. He probably started a war with GT and “conquered” them and then forced them to merge into him. I should know, he is doing the same thing to 1 of my allies right now with his smaller army, the Purple Heads. He wants to destroy my army too, but he won’t.


    • Fail. Don’t talk anymore, for today, tomorrow, and all of next week. You just fail that badly. TG was created by me along with Ice Mixed. Rio had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with TG before 2009. Rio started TG around Mid-2010 and later became 2ic. Shows how much you know about CP armies… then again, you’re the kind of person CPAC usually hires.


  9. 18th lol


  10. Oh wow. What has CP army warfare come to?
    Oh wait, it was kinda always like this.


  11. No offense, but I dont think u should have posted this……….


    • Then CW would try to invade all small armies.


      • Silly Gordon!

        CW attacks a small army = All small armies UNITE!


      • ^ to Gordon. Also, small armies aren’t really a major issue anymore seeing that CP is blocking some recruiting phrases so small armies usually give up and die OR merge with another small army or a large army to get back to their normal spots. I estimate all small armies together can max about 20 but about in early 2009 there were better chances and all small armies together could get about 40+ together


      • O you dont delete emp’s comments?!?


  12. NW, IW, Nachos should team up on acp


  13. We cannot stop posts weighed down by negativity for an army. We cannot stop certain leaders to become friendly with everyone. It’s a small little factor called Armies Gord. As much as I appreciate you for calling out CW and NW, your effort will not solve anything. Live life the way it is. Armies were made to trash talk, hate and to go to War. If we stop that, what do we become? Another group of kids and Teenagers under the influence of Disney. And who wants that as a guide to living?


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