Q&A: The Hunt for Variety

What is up Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day. Have you possibly noticed anything intriguing that has been going on with IW? Well, if not, then allow me to enlighten you.

Over the last few weeks ever since AUSIA Arena ended, the Ice Warriors Staff and Leadership team have been coming up with a variety of new event ideas that troops can find enjoyable and would love to see hosted more often. For this Q&A, I went around asking people that have taken part in a couple of these events what they thought about these events and find out if they were well-received.

Was there any IW events that you miss seeing be hosted in a while?

Purple: To be honest, I miss having divisional battles, Polar vs Blizzard, those were so fun :goo2:
Jay: Oh yeah, there is one. I kind of miss seeing Hide and Seek CPR events. I remember that they were a blast when I was a troop :goo:
Silver BoyPersonally, I really enjoy the takeover events where we all dress up as something and just do some tactics. I really enjoy and seeing all of the same outfit in one room. Something about it is just satisfying.

The most recent IW Takeover event

What were your thoughts about the Would You Rather event?

HeadChickenI thought it was really a really fun event !! I thought a lot of the questions were fun and it was funny to see what everyone picked as there answer.
HunterIt was overall good and i liked that event, i will look back at the event again and let you know if anything needs to be improved or changed.
Kapi: Well, I thought it was a special, unique and fun event overall.

Would you rather??

How well-executed did you think the Simon Says event was?

Melonz: Overall, I think that the idea of bringing Simon Says into CPR was super fun as we did a few tactics and played a game of Simon Says at the end ❤
Eternal: The Simon Says event was fun! I liked the change in the event style, with just a single room before playing a fun game Simon Says with our allies. It gave us something different, I’d like to see some more similar events in the future!

Simon Says ft Water Vikings

For IW’s first Scavenger Hunt event, how did you think it went?

Luna: I thought the event was really good! It was definitely a creative idea for a new event and I’d definitely love to see another event like it in the future. It was fun trying to figure out what objects to look for in CPR with the riddle-like clue!
Ramenbender: I had fun, I’d like to participate in more scavenger hunts in the future, maybe ones with special themes or multiple rounds!

IW Scavenger Hunt

That will do it for this Q&A. The Ice Warriors’ creativity has been expanding over the weeks with its event varieties as a way to get more people engaged. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the idea of having unique events is good for the Ice Warriors? Were there any particular events you would like to see again? Feel free to comment the thoughts you have. We’ll be expecting more unique events via #events-information and #ausia-events-information so be on the lookout for those. With all said and done, have a happy rest of your day and remember…


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