15th Anniversary Special Post

Hello Ice Warriors!

Welcome to this special post for the 15th IW Anniversary! Hope everyone is doing good.  We asked people to share some of their favourite memories in Ice Warriors with us. So, today we’ll be presenting y’all those memories which were shared with us. Let’s get ready and see what they sent!

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Fan Art Friday #57

Howdy Ice Warriors!!

It is that time again everyone, Fan Art Friday! Good job this past week guys with the Semi-final round against RPF. So, as the Final round of March Madness against Help Force approaches tomorrow, we are going to take a look into what our artists have been preparing for us over the last week.

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Fan Art Friday #56

Hello Ice Warriors! The end of this week is near already, so you know what time it is… Fan Art Friday! This FAF, we will be showcasing the art of 3 talented members of our Ice warriors community. Click continue reading to know who I’ve interviewed and enjoy!

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