15th Anniversary Special Post

Hello Ice Warriors!

Welcome to this special post for the 15th IW Anniversary! Hope everyone is doing good.  We asked people to share some of their favourite memories in Ice Warriors with us. So, today we’ll be presenting y’all those memories which were shared with us. Let’s get ready and see what they sent!

From HeadChicken

From Blushock

Event Pic from the good old CPO days

From DrQueen

Freedomist being inducted as leader which finally reunited the Water Ninjas leader together to lead for one final run

March Madness Semi Finals Tournament win, this was super impactful as we proved the whole community wrong and took down RPF

From Cloudy

First hosted CP event

From Subster

these are some of my favs :3

From Hunter

The day I got promoted to staff

From Queen Anna

I remember when I first got promoted in IW on January 29th of this year!

From TheNamelessOne

Y’all helped me in some hard times when I first joined and it really helped a lot yes I didn’t know anybody but I eventually spoke up and got to know everybody! I believe it was IceQueen who let me in the discord but I’m not entirely sure, but anyways props to her for that (if she did) so I think I’ve been in IW for about a year now and like I said it really has made a big impact on me so I thank all of you guys

And that’s it, we’re going to the next segment where we asked the leaders about IW


After the victory in March Madness this year, what is your expectation and goals for IW in the upcoming tournaments?


IceQueen: My expectation and goals is that IW will continue to put on a good show for the upcoming tournaments and add a couple more trophies intro our tournament collection. :IWinfiniteDab: We’ve shown what we can do with hardwork, dedication and when we all work together as one and we’ll continue to do that into the future. :iwbeatingheart:

Kally: The goal is always to grow bigger and better! Another win would be a beautiful addition next to our March March trophy 😌

Freedomist: Well I hope we keep this momentum going into upcoming tournaments and we’ve proven we’re capable of winning tournaments so there’s nothing stopping us from repeating that achievement, it’ll all come into the effort we put into winning.

DrQueen: I expect for us to go even with bigger force this year, we know what we did wrong in March Madness, so we will spend some time perfecting what needs to be done to secure room wins for tournament seasons. You always lose troops during transitions of CPPS’s. My goal is to get people accustomed to CPAB and continue to train new troops for the tournament and perfect our speed and formations.

That’s the end of this post and the anniversary week! Thank you to all the troops, staff, leaders, IW Veterans in joining in this year’s IW anniversary party. Don’t forget to come to today’s HoF Induction Ceremony #🏆┃hall-of-fame, many new people coming into the Hall of Fame and the next IW Legend?! As always,

DON’T FREEZE UP :iwsalute:


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