Weekly Recap May 29 – June 4

Hi Ice Warriors!

This past week marked the 15th Anniversary of Ice Warriors! The whole week was packed with exciting events with so many parties and celebrations to honour 15 years of IW. Keep on reading for a recap on some memorable moments from this past week!❄️💙

June 1st, 2022 marked Ice Warrior’s 15th Anniversary!

IW Discord server has undergone a revamp with new role icons and server category design!

The ranks have been reset, all those with CPAB accounts kept their rank. If you lost your rank, please make a CPAB account and DM a Leader/LIT!

[AUSIA] IW Anniversary Kickoff

Max: 31


[EU/US] 4-Way Divisional Battle w/ RPF

Max: 23


[EU/US] PB vs Water Vikings 

Max: 21


[EU/US] IW’s 15th Anniversary Party

Max: 26


[EU/US] Roast Leaders/LITs

Max: 19


[EU/US] IW 15th Anniversary Prom

Max: 31


You can find the results of the IW Prom Awards here! What was your favourite part of anniversary week? Post a comment below to let us know!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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