Fan Art Friday #56

Hello Ice Warriors! The end of this week is near already, so you know what time it is… Fan Art Friday! This FAF, we will be showcasing the art of 3 talented members of our Ice warriors community. Click continue reading to know who I’ve interviewed and enjoy!

First up, we have Skylor! We all know them from hundreds of their sketches and featured in our past Fan Art Friday. In this sketch, they made a tiny version from one of their characters Ari!


Msflimflam: What is your inspiration behind your art? 

Skylor: I dunno, I just like drawing and just draw whatever pops into my head

Next, we have one of our IW Veterans, Mae


Msflimflam: How do you feel about your art?

Mae: Well, sometimes I have imposter syndrome, especially when I use references like if I am drawing a tv/movie character or object. But as long as I remember the reference is only there to help I feel ok about it. Sometimes I’m awkward when people compliment it lol. 

Last but not least, we have our Sergeant First Class, TheNamelessOne!


Msflimflam: What do you like most about your art?

TheNamelessOne: What I like about my art its that its probably different from others, I use a different type of shading as seen in the among is one, I put in still new to it but I like it


This concludes this week’s Fan Art Friday. If you didn’t get featured, don’t worry! There will be a spot for you here soon! Remember to check out the upcoming events, especially # 🍀 | march-madness-round-2 and our training before the tourney #💚┃mandatory-training. We need all of you on Sunday. See you all next time, or at the next event!

Don’t Freeze Up!

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