Trivia Thursday #56

Heya Ice Warriors!

As we’re approaching the Semi-finals round of March Madness VII, we get even closer to the opportunity to win 3 March Madness championships in a row. It’ll be a battle of us Ice Warriors, being considered the underdogs, going against the Rebel Penguin Federation, one of our biggest allies and most certainly an amazing one at that. We’ll be in for heavy preparations moving forward. Before the time comes though, let’s take a quick moment to ease up, and here, I have the 56th edition of Trivia Thursday. I’m going to take a quick moment to thank Hunter for answering all questions. There was only 1 answer found wrong, which can be found below alongside the other answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday:

1. 3

2. From the Promo Party of 3/20 (CHLOE/Dolores)

3. d) ACP

4. At the time, True

5. Freedomist

Briefly explaining how Trivia Thursday works, an article gets posted that includes 5+ trivial questions that involve something to do with the Ice Warriors. Answering all questions means you earn snowflakes, which can help you be able to buy roles in #shop.

You will various question types such as general answers, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, etc. The correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. With all that being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. Name one of the two Club Penguin battle rooms IW was able to win over WV in the Quarterfinals.

2. Name one of the staff members that have posted a Question of the Day/Poll over the last 5 days.

3. True or False: Last year’s March Madness Semi-finals, we were against the Help Force

4. Who is currently our newest 2nd in command?

5. Top 10 Snowflakes Leaderboard currently consists of users that have a total of at least how many snowflakes?

I’ll make an emphasis on this again, but MARCH MADNESS SEMIS! Sorry about that, but yes, it’s incredibly crucial, and we’re getting extremely close. # 🍀 | march-madness-round-2 has everything you need to know regarding it all, and it includes the time the battle begins as well as the prizes being given away in which there are a lot this time around. But in the meantime, that’s going to wrap up this edition of Trivia Thursday. We really hope to see you at Semis and assist us in pulling off an upset and defeating RPF. We’ll see you then…



2 Responses

  1. 1) Plaza
    2) Infinite
    3) True
    4) Infinite
    5) 150000 snowflakes


  2. 1) Plaza
    2) Ramen/hanae
    3) True
    4) Infinite
    5) +- 150k


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