Q&A: Predicting the Semi-finals (MMVII Edition)

What’s up Ice Warriors!!

I hope you all are having a fantastic day so far. Just recently, the Ice Warriors have had their first round of March Madness and they have come out on top. As March Madness VII continues, we continue with heavy preparations for the Semi-finals. You may notice a recurring theme here where Semi-final rounds for tournaments are usually being predicted. This is because they are often anticipated to have a dramatic increase in difficulty compared to Quarterfinals rounds. As you can imagine, that’s what this Q&A will focus on. I went around asking IW people how they predict the Semi-finals will go given we’ll be against the Rebel Penguin Federation next, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Did you truly believe IW would win in the Quarterfinals against the Water Vikings?

Mogi: Yeah well IW is a much stronger army than WV. Without doubt I thought IW would win against WV in the MM quarter-finals. Although, I must admit I did not expect such a close battle. It was really really close and intense. To be honest, before the battle even started I thought the max rooms WV would win was 1. But they turned out to be much stronger and better than expected. But I always believed in IW.

Hunter: I mean, if I am being honest, before the battle happened, I did truly believe IW would win, but I underestimated the Water Vikings, and during the battle at some point, I thought the Water Vikings were gonna win.

The results for the MM battle with Water Vikings!

How do you think IW will fare in the Semi-finals round?

Chevy: I think as long as IW stays strong and works hard we will do great in the Semi-Finals. Keep your heads high and remember NO NEGATIVITY. Thinking negatively won’t help us at all! As long as we all think positively and work together we got this.

Infinite: In my opinion, RPF is a pretty strong army who are good at covering, spamming, and sending faster tactics while IW is also a strong army, but we could use some work. On the other hand, IW won March Madness 2 years in a row now, which means we may have higher chances in winning again, but that also doesn’t mean RPF can’t beat us. If we get enough people to try their hardest throughout the Semi-finals (covering, spamming, etc.), IW would definitely win :approve:

Alu: It could go either way tbh, RPF is definitely a strong opponent, so we’re gonna have to be at the top of our game to beat them. Even though our last few matchups against RPF haven’t gone our way, I believe we will put up a good fight and hopefully come out on top.

IW’s Most Recent Semi-finals Appearance

Do you personally think IW could have done better in battle?

Silver: I do personally believe we could have done better against the Water Vikings. Most of us were completely asleep and not doing anything during bombs or just chanting tactics. Our formations were quite sloppy with gaps and strong parts of the formation being completely dead and doing absolutely nothing. Our speed and covering skills could have definitely improved too.

Crazyflame100% yes. We can do better so that we don’t need overtime. There are some factors into this like troops lagging, not being familiar with events and only some were spamming.

IW Covering

Given the results of the Quarter-finals, are there any words of advice you’d like to give in hopes of potentially winning the Semi-finals?

DrQueenRight now the entire army community is betting on IW to lose against RPF due to the performance that was seen during round one vs. Water Vikings. RPF is a beast when it comes to tournament mode and I admire them a lot for it. RPF has beat us back to back in CCXI and AA, I believe that has put out the drive and spark in troops/staff into thinking we cannot beat RPF for MM. But tbh, we have come so close many times to almost beating RPF, it just takes that drive, motivation and that WILL power for those 30 minutes + OT room (if needed) in order to win during the semi-finals. We need as much help as we can get. We need as many people to attend, we need troops hyped, we need troops to be fast, clean forms, and SPAM those tactics when given. Lastly, we need faith and hope in ourselves, hope within IW, and absolutely no doubt to prove the whole community wrong. If you really want something, you will work hard for it, and that’s what we need to do these next couple of days. We want this win, we need to work hard and give it our all this Sunday. As they always say, you put in what you wanna get out!

IW Forever and Always ❤

Even though the Ice Warriors had won against the Water Vikings, it’s more important than ever to prepare for the semi-finals. The results of the Quarterfinals had left a lot for the Ice Warriors Staff and Leadership team to think about. Even with those thoughts in mind, it’s important we still hold hope, as it does still exist. Just to keep in mind, this is the opportunity to claim 3 back-to-back March Madness championships in a row, so preparations will be heavy. What do you think, do you have faith that IW will be able to pull off an upcoming Semi-finals victory? Let us know your thoughts if you’d like to share them, remember to stay strong Ice Family! ❤


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