Weekly Recap: March 6th – 12th

Hey Ice Warriors!

I hope you all had a fun week filled with music and earworms! We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no

Our Music Week was a raging success, and the final event is tomorrow! If you guys want us to host more of these themed weeks in the future, let us know and we will! Let’s see what we did this week!

Tomorrow is the last of our Music Week events! To finish off the week, we will be hosting a fun Karaoke, so come and join us for a sing-off!

The March Madness Tournament will be starting in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for the announcement!

Congratulations to DelightedGOYAL, who was promoted to 4th in Command!

Fridge Chevy was promoted to 2nd in Command, well done!

Mogi and Silver earned the rank of Command Officer, awesome job you two!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Music Week Kickoff

Max: 33


[EU/US] Fav Artist U-Lead

Max: 36


[EU/US] 2010s Music Takeover (feat. Dead Discord)

Max: 30


[EU/US] Disney Music Takeover with Silver Empire

Max: 25


[EU/US] Grammy’s & Music Kahoot

Max: 26


[EU/US] Battle vs Templars

Max: 39

another iw victory wot??

What a fun week, see you all soon! Thank you for attending this week!

Thank you to Starbucks Coffee for helping count the pictures!


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