Troop/Staff of the Week + Reporter of the Month: March 6th, 2022

Hewwo Ice Warriors :3

It’s been a while but we back this week! This is the time when we look back on the previous weeks to highlight the most hardworking members and announce the TOTW and SMOTW for the last couple weeks AND the ROTM for the month of February!

Troops of the Week: daddy_SlexXd11 + youssy + Pink Paris

Staff Members of the Week: penguin + Infinite + Lucy + Hunter + Josh

Reporter of the Month: silver boy

daddy_SlexXd11, youssy and Pink Paris have all been outstanding troops this week! They each hold the ranks of Marshal, Sergeant and Sergeant First Class respectively, and they’ve been really active in coming to events and just hanging out in the main chat. We notice all of the work and effort you guys put in and we appreciate you guys helping out so much, keep up the good work!!

Lucy, Hunter and Josh have all been working very hard with their staff duties this week! From welcoming troops into the server, helping them get set up in club penguin, leading events, recruiting new troops and attending events, all of them have been doing really well this week amazing job guys!

penguin and Infinite are two of our other SMOTWs, they are both stellar at recruiting, core members of our staff branches and are awesome at leading events! Over the past couple weeks they have worked immensely hard and put in lots of effort towards helping out the troops and their fellow staff within the Ice Warriors, earning the title of Staff Members of the Week! :3

Silver has been an outstanding reporter ever since we first hired him and got him working on posts. He always tries his best when making them and uses our feedback wisely. Thank you so much Silver for helping make great posts for IW, you are a great addition to this team and definitely deserve this role you amazing furry!

Make sure to congratulate all of them if you see them around in IW! We’re going to be hosting a Music Week starting today. It’s a great time to start attending events and talking in the main chat if you wanna be noticed to get up here for the next week. :3

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