IW Olympics 2022 Recap Post

Ah yes, the 2022 Sub Zero Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony had recently come by, officially ending the Winter Olympics. During this winter’s Olympics ceremony, there were 10 Olympic Games in the span of 2 weeks. Which amazing team of penguins helped to make the Olympics happen? Who were the competing teams? And who were the top 3 in this year’s Winter Olympics? Find out by clicking continue reading :E7:

Before going to the results, the games played in the Olympics were: Ice Fishing, Thin Ice, Dance Contest, Aqua Grabber, Cart Surfer, Hydro Hopper, Pizzatron, Catchin’ Waves, and Find Four. There were a total of 18 teams of all ranks competing for the podium. It was an interesting competition with each team going for gold.

A big congratulations to:

Lime Green Duckers, Clinically insane, 100% professionals, The Pro Kings, Clown Beaters, The Elsa Obliterators, DrPotato Destroyers, The Mighty Eagles, Snazzy Sheep, IceQueen’s date, Ice Knights, Erick and the Ericks, The Snow Angels, Team Anime, Astronomical, That one greg army, Gay Soccer Moms and finally GnomeDog

For all competing in the Subzero 2022 Olympics!

Next, please give a big round of applause to:

The Olympic Committee:

IceQueen1020, DrQueen, Kally, Levelz, Josh, Qt ben and .penguin

The Olympic Helpers:

DelightedGOYAL, Mogi4, Silver, Timothy, /infinite/, Purple, Quitter, Super and Waffle

For helping and organising the Sub Zero 2022 Olympics!

This is the leaderboard for this Winter’s Olympics!

Click to enlarge

After that, please give a hard (but not too hard) pat on the back to:

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Ice Fishing Champion 🏅 

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Catchin’ Waves Champion 🏅

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Hydro Hopper Champion 🏅

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Dance Contest Champion 🏅

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Sled Racing Champion 🏅

The Lime Green Duckers for winning Pizzatron Champion 🏅

Clinically Insane for winning Thin Ice Champion 🏅

Clinically insane for winning Aqua Grabber Champion 🏅

100% Professionals for winning Cart Surfer Champion 🏅

DrPotato Destroyers for winning Find Four Champion 🏅

And last but far from least,

Please congratulate The Lime Green Duckers for placing first, Clinically Insane for placing second and 100% Professionals for placing third!

Well done!

We asked some of the members of the podium teams some questions about the Olympics, and here are their answers:

MsFlimFlam: How did your team cooperate together during the Olympics?

Melonz: During the olympics, our team worked together by playing the games that we were best at. if one didn’t like one game the other would take over, teamwork makes the dreamwork :miketwerking:

MsFlimFlam: Why did you and your team choose to compete for the Olympics?

Levelz: Well all of us competed in the last Olympics and it was really fun so we wanted to make a team together and do it again, I think the games are pretty fun to do as a team especially since in my team we had different people who were good at different games 

MsFlimFlam: What was your motivation for the Olympics?

Suation: to win

Hopefully you have had a good time reading this article! Congratulations again to all the winning teams and everyone who participated! Make sure to attend all of the upcoming events and who knows? Maybe you could be the champion of next year’s IW Sub Zero Olympics! Good luck and have a great day!

Don’t climb a mountain just to get to the top, but also for the challenge that comes with it.

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