Sunday Funday #23

Happy Sunday to all Ice Warriors! Hope you had a wonderful weekend this week, to start/ end this day, we’ll be having another Sunday Funday. Josh and I (Cloudy) have given some minigames for you guys to try out with a prize of snowflakes if you’re able to finish them all! Without further waiting let’s get started…

First up is Where’s Waldo? Here is a collection of event pictures that come AUSIA events that have occurred within the last month, including one picture from AUSIA Arena vs Secret Service. There is a requested staff member to find for each one, good luck!

Can you find current Ice Warlord (3ic) Penguin?
CPR User: PenguinIW

Can you find current Staff in Training Timothy?
CPR User: Timothy98

Can you find current Commander Officer Sirgon?
CPR User: sirgoncalo12

Next is a maze game! Find your way to get the lost trophy at the of the maze. But be careful, there are someone and something you should avoid along the way 👀

The third one is a simple Guess Who? minigame. What you have to do here is guess for certain IW Staff/Leaders using the one-word hint you are given. How easily can you identify IW’s Staff and Leaders?

Last on the list is WordSearch, try to connect all the words with the word bank given. Find the words from horizontal, vertical, and diagonally and win by being able to find all of them!

And that is going to wrap up this edition of Sunday Funday! Can’t wait to see how you’ll do with this one. Do you think you can complete all of the games? If so, then be sure to DM a screenshot with your answers to Cloudy512#3496 or josh🌹#5667, and you may receive some snowflakes for full completion. The Ice Warriors are currently in preparation for the Semi-Finals of AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition, and we’ll need all the help we can get. We hope to see you there and help IW take home the trophy for the first tournament of 2022. Until next Sunday Ice Warriors…


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  1. fun fact, I don’t think I was at that new years cpr event


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