Weekly Recap: January 23rd – 29th

Greetings Ice Warriors!

We have entered the first round of Ausia Arena! This is the first AUSIA Tournament in two years, and the first tournament of the year! We are excited to advance into the semi-finals round! We hope to see you guys out there on the battlefield. This week marks the final week of January as well, lets’s see how IW spent it.

Congrats to Ember Moon, Icy, and grehg lmao on their promotion to Staff in Training!

Congrats to Sebzy on his promotion to Staff!

Congrats to Sirgon on his promotion to Command Officer!

Congrats to Crazyflame on his promotion to Second in Command!

Ice Warriors won the Quarter Finals and has advanced to the Semi-Finals Round! Congrats to all troops and staff!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] Training & Pizzatron

Max: 41



[EU/US] Bounty Hunt

Max: 41



[EU/US] PB vs Water Vikings

Max: 27


[EU/US] PB vs Army of CP

Max: 23

[AUSIA] Tourney Training

Max: 23


[AUSIA] AUSIA Arena vs Secret Service

Max: 44

Thank you IW for an amazing week, Keep up the good work, and don’t freeze up!

Thank you to Levelz, Kally, and IceQueen for helping count the pictures!


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