IW Star Wars #3

Disclaimer: This post is purely satire, none of this is meant to be taken seriously :3

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the third edition of Star Wars retold by Alucard and Silver.

Quick Recap: Icey has the drive to destroy the Sub Zero economy forever, but Freedomist, Ben, Alu, and Silver chase him to Klondike where Headchicken hid him in a droid workshop. In the previous episode, the three droids, Sebzy, Cloudy, and Chek were taken to that same droid workshop where Icey is hiding with Subster. Freedomist, Ben, Alu, and Silver are on their way to the workshop now.

The four make it to the workshop just in time to see Icey put the hard drive into Sebzy and send him off with his friend Cloudy to only a place Icey knows. The two droids traveled for many days facing many challenges along the way. They first traveled through a desert which is where the sand people live. Cloudy and Sebzy are jumped by some of these sand men and taken to their village where the sand people had seen a projection of something from Sebzy. They immediately were terrified by the scene and threw the droids out of their village. 

Relieved that was over, the two start back up on their journey. Continuing through the desert, they spot some movement just above a sand dune. The two peek over the dune to see the Jawas having a conversation which Sebzy could not interpret, but Cloudy, being a language specialist, could translate it. They were talking about what they would do to Cloudy and Sebzy if they were to find them, they were being hunted. The two tried to go far around where they saw the Jawas, but some of the stray Jawas had spotted them and started to chase them down.

Sebzy and Cloudy ran and ran for only a short period of time before the Jawas caught up and disabled them until they got back to the huge rover. Once the Jawas had arrived at the rover with Cloudy and Sebzy, they threw them in the back to take them back to the Jawa village somewhere in the desert. Upon arrival, the droids are turned back on to get to work harder than they had before. 

They worked for hours and hours until Sebzy remembered something which the heat from the desert had caused him to forget because it had damaged his memory bank. He realized that this is the place that Icey wanted them to take the drive. Cloudy immediately reported to one of the nearby Jawas that they were sent by Icey to hide the hard drive here and ask them for help hiding it. The Jawas knew Icey and gave the two droids a place to live to keep the drive safe from the Jedi. Meanwhile, chaos is ensuing at the droid workshop but that is a story for another time.


We hope you have enjoyed this edition of Star Wars: IW Edition. If you have been enjoying this series so far, please let us know in either the comments or #main-chat. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next event posted some time this weekend. #📆┃15th-anniversary #📆┃bia-battle 



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