Troop / Staff Member of the Week: May 29th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors,

We’re starting a new week and this one is special, it’s our anniversary week and for the past few days these individuals have been working so hard to earn SMOTW and TOTW, now let’s see who they are.

Troop of the Week: Cloudyy

Staff Member of the Week: Josh

Our TOTW this week is Cloudyy! And nope this isn’t the staff member, Cloudyy is currently a third tier troop at the rank of Major in the Ice Warriors. He’s been trying his absolute best to attend our events and can be seen talking in our main chat at times! Congrats on achieving Troop of The Week Cloudyy and keep up the good work!

Please give a huge congratulations to our newest Staff Member of the Week, Josh! From attending almost all the events this week, to recruiting and welcoming, to being active in main, Josh has done it all. He has been working so hard lately, and I am so happy to congratulate him with SMOTW. Congratulations Josh, and thank you for your hard work!

That’s all for today! We hope to see you all at our anniversary events this week, remember to keep working hard so you can have a chance to get up here next week. Let’s have an amazing anniversary week IW :iwsalute~1:

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