Moving On

Well, it seems to me that this has to be done.

After some thought, I figure it is time that I leave the Ice Warriors. Now before all possible resulting sadness or rage, let me give my reasoning:

  1. I have nothing more to accomplish here.
  2. It’s became clear to me that I’m just being a waste of space on the ranks page with Icey’s retirement.
  3. I just don’t get anywhere near the respect I used to.
  4. Most importantly, Ninjas need a leader who will always be there for them, and isn’t distracted by another army.

Despite all this retiring and stuff, I still love my real birth army of IW. I just know when to move on. This is all of a sudden and all so I’m sorry for not giving a more immediate notice. It’s just that I need to get Ninjas back in shape and it’s harder to do that keeping up with IW as well. I’m sorry but it has to be done for the better of me, the better of IW, and the better of Ninjas.

As for who I wish to be my successor as 3ic, I recommend Aquarunner. Another shocker, ikr. But I believe that out of all of our current 4ics, he’s the one that deserves it most.

And my final wish as an Ice Warrior is to be on the legends page because I DID break the record for longest time as a 3ic and all that due to y’know, complications twice.. And DON’T MISS ME because I’ll still be on chat every now and then.

For the last time ❤ ,


18 Responses

  1. We will miss you flurry, as much as you warned us about not missing you, we cant help it! Its been fun to have you around the IW’s fire place!

    See You Around,




  3. I will m**s you!!! XD


  4. I’ll miss u! Even though u don’t know who I am -_-, all I know is that u were EPICLY AWESOME!


  5. Goodbye Flurry,
    I remember when you joined IW :3
    Enjoy your time in Ninjas


  6. Goodbye funk.

    From the day you joined IW.

    To the day you retire.

    Your soul will not be forgotten.

    May your kindness and forgivingness,

    reign down apon us

    like a firey shadow from above.

    From the day you were recruited

    From the day you had left

    From the day you created ninjas

    And most importantly

    From the day you achieved.

    Goodbye funk, and I promise, you WILL be missed.


  7. Goodbye Flurry, good luck shaping the ninjas up! Take care!

    -Calvin9999 (Ice Warriors Lieutenant)


  8. We will miss you. Very much.(1st comment without getting fake emotionally sad =D)


  9. Funk, don’t get lost in the closet. D:


  10. Guys Zakaria903 is a good helper he is helping iw for a few ok, also im a fake icey


  11. I just read dis, and I’ll mizz chu even though I dnt really know chu. Have a life full of HUNGARIANS and Canadians!


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