A Summary of the War So Far + Invasion of Cozy (AUSIA) [SUCCESSFUL]

Today was the first day of our war with SWAT and saw us successfully invade Cozy whilst maxing 37. This is a great victory for the Ice Warriors as the only defence SWAT could muster was Legoman logging on to check IW’s size and logging off as soon as he saw our 37 max along with Coolguy watching the battle in a Strawhats uniform and making unfunny remarks. As we lead 1-0-0 in the war, we have another invasion scheduled for Sunday for SWAT’s server Outback – we hope to see you all there as we look to max even better than we did today!

Elsewhere, our allies the Help Force successfully invaded SWAT’s server Tea yesterday during AUSIA times with the Templars also invading another one of SWAT’s servers yesterday. Along with our invasion of Cozy today, our allies the Water Vikings also successfully invaded SWAT’s server Breeze. This means that in the last 24 hours SWAT has already lost four servers and have put their cowardice on full display as they are yet to schedule any invasions or attend any defenses. I am proud of what we have achieved so far and eagerly await to see what we are capable of doing.

Here are some pictures from the invasion and posts from our war-propaganda channel for your entertainment

Submission from our Leader in Training, Josh

Submission from IW Veteran, Quinn

Submission from visitor, Alemax

and this unholy creation from leader Levelz

Good job at today’s invasion everyone – lets do even better at the next one

As always warriors, don’t freeze up


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