Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: October 9th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for Troop and Staff of the week once again in addition to Recruiter of the week. This week saw a couple events in addition to some great contributors as per usual. Let’s go take a look at who they are today!

Troop of the Week: 1213wi

Staff Member of the Week: Mogi

Recruiter of the Week: Chey

For this week’s Troop of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to 1213wi! 1213wi has been one of the most active troops in IW in very recent times being able to reach Head General, and today is definitely the day we get to acknowledge their activity, being able to attend a majority of events. Thank you for your hard work! :3

For our Staff Member of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to Mogi! Mogi has been doing a lot to help IW recently from supervising game events and coming up with contest ideas for this month. Yup, the contests you’ll be seeing this month came from the bald king himself. He’s been collaborating with IceQueen about some Halloween plans, and that can’t go unnoticed. Congrats once again bald king!

Our Recruiter of the Week announcement makes its return, and once again Chey, has proven himself worthy of the title! Chey still manages to put great effort into recruiting for the Ice Warriors, another thing that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Thank you lots for your hard work!

That is going to wrap up this week’s TOTW/SMOTW/ROTW! Give congratulations to these three in the main chat as well when you can! We’re going to have one of the biggest events for this month next Sunday, the retirements of two great leaders, DrQueen and Freedomist. You don’t want to miss it… -sobs-

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