Weekly Recap Oct 2nd – Oct 8th 2022

Once upon a time,

There was an evil penguin named IceQueen1020. She took over the town of Subzero and froze it with her Elsa powers. The only way to save Subzero from the scary Icequeen1020 was to do well this week! Let’s see if the troops and events were good enough to save Subzero.

Congrats to Ice Warriors for placing #3 on the September Top Ten!

Congrats to Kris on her promotion to Second in Command!

Congrats to Swirl on his promotion to Command Officer!

Congrats to Origin on her promotion to Major General!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[EU] Music Party!

Max: 25

[EU] Ghosts & Spirits of IW

Max: 13

[US] Motorcycles Takeover

Max: 25

[AUSIA] Monster-Themed PB with Help Force!

Max: 23

unknown (15)

And so the amazing Ice Warriors saved the town of Subzero!

Thank you to IceQueen1020 + DrQueen for helping count the pictures!

One Response

  1. I’m not evil though 😇…
    or am I???


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