Troop / Recruiter / Staff Member of the Week: October 2nd, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

It’s time for Troop and Staff of the week once again in addition to a brand new Recruiter of the week. This week saw a couple events in addition to some great contributors as per usual. Let’s go take a look at who they are today!

Troop of the Week: Demonator

Staff Member of the Week: Subster

Recruiter of the Week: OliCrunch

For this week’s Troop of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to Demonator! Demonator has been showing their increase in activity lately with attending at least half of the events for the last couple of weeks. Once again, congrats, and we can’t wait to see even more from you in the future! :3

For our Staff Member of the Week, please give a huge congratulations to Subster! Subster has been around in IW for a long while, is known as a graphics expert, and this week she has been working very hard helping out some new troops and assisting them set up CPAB accounts. We are so thankful to have you here, Subs! ❤

Our Recruiter of the Week announcement makes its return, and tonight this title goes to OliCrunch! Oli very recently has been putting great effort into recruiting for the Ice Warriors lately being able to recruit at least 10 troops. Thank you lots for your hard work!

That is going to wrap up this week’s TOTW/SMOTW/ROTW! If you want to obtain one of these awesome roles, you just have to attend events and be active in main chat, maybe invite some friends! Give congratulations to these three in the main chat as well when you can! 🙂

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